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Sociology and the Sustainable Community Strategies (Essay Sample)


Following instructions is key to successfully completing this work. Your answers are to be typed SINGLE-spaced using 12 point font. The length of each response should be sufficient to cover the course concepts related to each question. The quality of your response is more important than the quantity of your response. Concise, articulate, and logical prose is valued here, not fluff. References to COURSE READINGS are given more weight than outside sources. Because this is take-home work, you are expected to submit a well-written response to each of the questions free of grammatical errors. You are strongly advised here not to begin writing without using an outline (DO NOT submit your outline). You will cite appropriate references after each answer using the APA format. Failure to do so results in point reductions from your total score. Type your name at the top of each single-sided page, number your pages.
Using core course concepts and readings presented during the entire quarter, develop a comprehensive response to BOTH questions A and B (50 points each response).
A. After you provide a description of the new "Sustainable Communities" movement in urban and regional planning and community development, list Pros and Cons of this approach to urban planning as a solution to ecological concerns, economic and racial isolation, and market segmentation. How do regional planning and downtown development projects affect community building? How do sports franchises and stadium construction affect/impact the concept of regional equity? Does our public investment vis Sustainable Community Strategies actually support/compliment the intent of public policy?
Using core course concepts and readings presented during the entire quarter, develop a comprehensive response to the following.
B. Given your knowledge of market formation and social relations, describe how spatial inequality is a prospective (future/tomorrow) process. Provide examples as you see appropriate. 
No need to use all the attachments, just choose the best fit for the both questions
but have to use lecture concepts and those appropriate articles to support the argument or answers
outside sources are not required


Sociology and the sustainable community strategies
In sociology, the social relations of people and institutions are studied. In this paper we are going to study sociology at the social level. We are going to assess the new “Sustainable Communities” movement used in regional planning and community development and the advantages and disadvantages of this approach to urban planning as a solution to ecological concerns, economic and racial isolation, and market segmentation. We are also going to look at the impact regional planning and downtown development projects have on the process of community building. We are also going to explain how spatial inequality is a prospective process. The aim of this paper is to assess the various factors affecting social reasons and the impact they have on community sustainability.
Sustainable communities’ movement
The new sustainable communities’ movement has been developed to mitigate the various problems facing different communities. These problems include urban sprawl, racial segregation, environmental degradation, and poor housing facilities among others. The movement starts projects to address these issues through environmental conservation, energy conservation, ecosystem management, improving lifestyles, and through biodiversity. This movement incorporates all the members of the society in their operations to have a pool of varied skills which can be used to achieve its various objectives.
Advantages and disadvantages of the sustainable communities’ movement
This approach has various advantages and disadvantages when used in urban planning as a solution to ecological concerns. Ecology refers to the relationship between living things and their environment. The sustainable community movement tries to maintain a stable ecology in a society through environmental conservation and by maintaining a healthy environment for the people in that society. This movement integrates various people including building owners and managers in their efforts to maintain the healthy living environments which helps in maintaining a stable ecological balance because they people living in a healthy environment can relate well with their surroundings. This movement ensures that people live in healthy environments by ensuring that building owners locate their buildings in human friendly environments (Building-Healthy-Places-Toolkit). This serves as an advantage of using the sustainable community movement as an approach of urban planning in maintaining a stable ecosystem. This movement also ensures that the community uses renewable energy and recycles organic and inorganic waste to reduce pollution and wastes (lecture1). However, this approach may act as a disadvantage when the movement is more concerned with the maintenance of a stable and sustainable economic environment and therefore end up using all the available resources in the community to sustain economic growth therefore neglecting other important factors such as the maintenance of a stable ecological environment.
The use of sustainable community movement as an approach in urban planning as a solution to social and racial isolation has its advantages and disadvantages. Social isolation exists whereby people are segregated from the rest of the community due to their social status. On the other hand racial isolation occurs whereby people are discriminated and segregated from the rest of the communi...
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