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Sociology and Law: Part I Social Sciences Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Do part 1 in the requirement.
text only analysis; No opinion piece, no outside information and experience


Congratulations on your new job in_[identified nonprofit organization].
You were selected for this job due to your knowledge of the sociology of law, the relationship
between law and society, and your commitment to the particular issue of_, which
is core to our organization’s mission.
Your first task in your new position is to identify a legal or socio-legal issue, consistent with our existing social justice mission, with which you propose the organization should engage, or develop its engagement in. Please address your proposal in a memo to our director. The memo will address the following questions:
i. What is the substantive socio-legal problem or issue?
Consider not just the issue but the scope e.g. local, state, or national.
What kind(s) of law are shaping the current socio-legal status quo?


ne with Challenge, or change (he soci0. What are the best methods 10 *"f 9,,^ you are considering are: legal issue(s) at stake? Amongi j employing to reshape the socio.
. what kind(s) of law are you challenging a
legal status quo? actions are most likely to help you achieve y0ur
' s“lgoa°s? Remember to consider specific material facts like scope (location or jurisdiction, audience, resources, etc.) iii. To a lesser extent, consider what potential challenges and pitfalls your organization would likely face pursuing your goals, and how should those challenges be addressed?
Your final memo (Parts IV & V) will draw on diverse empirical, legal, and theoretical sources including relevant research you have identified and class materials (readings, videos, or podcasts). Although brief, it should be well researched and written clearly and succinctly



Sociology and Law: Part I
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Sociology and Law: Part I
Identification of a Not-for-Profit Organization 
           While there are many non-profit organizations with legal and socio-legal objectives in the US, this paper will focus on the Legal Aid Society. According to its website, the organization is the oldest in its non-profit law organization that serves low-income persons and families in the City of New York and detention centers in Bergen, Essex, and Hudson Counties, New Jersey (The Legal Aid Society, 2020a). The same website informs that the organization has sustained a city-wide presence for decades. The organization specializes in criminal defense, civil practice, juvenile rights, and pro bono within the city. The focus of the proposal is on its New York City engagement, in the Bronx, Richmond, Queens, and Kings Counties.
Legal and Socio-Legal Issue for Eng

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