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Society And Individualism: Life Of Theodore Kaczynski (Essay Sample)


(1)&(2) should be about 200 words total.
(1) Choose ONE concept from Callero’s Introduction or Chapter 1. Define the concept.
(2) Explain how you can see this concept expressed in YOUR daily life. Be sure to explain to the reader what you see as the connection between the concept and your observations.
(3) Respond to two posts ( I will post in attachment). Write at least one sentence. You must say more than "I agree." (Each respond should be about 30 words.)


Society and Individualism
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Society and Individualism
Peter Callero’s narration The Myth of Individualism centers on the concept of individualism which is clearly depicted through the story and life of Theodore Kaczynski. The author defines his idea of individualism as “a belief system that privileges the individual over the group, private life over public life and personal expression over social expression” (Callero, 2013). In the narration Theodore is identified as a radical individualist who exhibited and personified the myth of individualism. Labeled the “Unabomber” because of his radical and terrorist methods Theodore went from a decorated university professor to a vengeful individual who sought to highlight the plight in the society caused by science and technology. Theodore’s individualism was evidenced by his intentional and deliberate isolation from the society and personal relationships, his desire to leave independently from the rest of the world and “his private strategy to unilaterally impose his ideas through a series of violent acts that destroyed the lives

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