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Social Memoir Paper Social Sciences Essay Research (Essay Sample)


All essays (listed below) must follow APA guidelines, have one-inch margins, be double-spaced, and be typed in 12-point, Times New Roman font.
You are being asked to write a short memoir about an experience or event in your own life that relates to social tolerance. Write your memoir in first person. Use narrative techniques such as dialogue, description and reflection to develop experiences, events or characters


Social Memoir Paper
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Social Memoir Paper
Social tolerance refers to an individual’s ability to accept others’ differences in society. I have been a victim of it when people around avoided discussions about sexual identity and orientation. In most cases, individuals discriminate against transgender. Transgender are people whose sexual identities are different from their biological gender. For instance, you may find a person born as a male identifying himself as a female and wears feminine clothes. Social tolerance enables me to interact with such individuals and others without conflicts.
Several months ago, I initiated a chat with one of my friends about transgender after encountering a challenging event. Here is our conversation:
Me: Have you ever imagined if you were born of the opposite gender?
Friend: No. Why?
Me: Since many people do not like individuals who identify themselves as females and they were born males biologically.

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