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Does Social Media Enhance Or Hinder Interpersonal Relationships? (Essay Sample)


Does Social Media Enhance Or Hinder Interpersonal Relationships?


Negative Impact of Social Media
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Negative Impact of Social Media
The dynamic global development across the world has led to a series of innovations all aimed at making the human world more comfortable and easier to operate in. Notably, communication is one of the fields characterized by the high growth of innovations and advancement in technology. All these efforts are aimed at making human communication easier, affordable and accessible across the globe. The development and growth of social communication networks have made it easier for people of different parts of the world to communicate anywhere and anytime. However, these communication networks have impacted interpersonal communication negatively. Interpersonal communication is considered one of the most effective persuasive and influential forms of communication as it involves a live experience with both the sender and the receiver of the message (Hamza, 2013). This paper focuses on analyzing how social media has impacted interpersonal communication negatively.
Social media networking has been a focus of many teenagers and youths across the globe. To determine the impact of social media, some adolescents were used to conduct an experiment carried out by Valkenberg et. Al. (2006). The Adolescents were found to have low self-esteem once they received negative feedback from their posts and pictures on the social media networks. Once they posted details and received negative feedback, their esteem dropped rapidly with every comment. Besides that, most adolescents on social media are prone to depression. Online friend networking had an indirect effect on them as their virtual friends are a major part of self-fulfillment. Outside of their social media life, they are depressed as they lack real friends. They solely depend on their friends and followers and have built a life around them. For t...
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