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Social Identity (Essay Sample)


**According to Habermas national-identity is a modern phenomenon where in the role of the self-governing citizen is created in the modern public sphere. While according to Beck contemporary society has become a society where the new risks of the second modernity and the process of individualization have undermined the power of all forms of collective identity and thus national identity as well. Spell out these two analyses. What do you think of them? 
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Social Identity

National and individual identity
The issue of national identityis one that is surrounded by quite a number ideologies and one that is constantly evolving through the social changes that place in the society over time. The society is constantly defining itself and the bound by which it represents its interests and those of the future generations. Identity is a rather complex matter in light of the developments that have taken place within the society in several decades past. National identity and personal identity constantly cross paths, in the quest to the formation of the true identity of the people in the society and what they represent. Perceptions and ideologies define the boundaries and therefore the changing meaning of national identity and personal identity.
From the agrarian times, through the industrial times, then the modernization era and now the postmodern age, national identity has constantly shape shifted to fit in with the social changes in the society. Different ideologies however are still engrained in the definition and development of the same. According to Habermas, national identity and what it stands other than the meaning, is defined along the concept of public sphere enshrined in the element of self-governance. Beck on the other hand, indicates that, due to the elements of individualism which is highly characterized by the social changes in the current society, the idea of collective national identity is lost in the personal endeavors to be individually brilliant. The society is more attuned to the aspect of personal excellence when defining identity than they are when looking at collective national identity.
National identity as created in public spheres
National identity according to Habermas is developed under the elements and perceptions of public sphere. This cab traced to the definitions that have been associated with what is considered public and those aspects that are considered private. An analysis of the term public and publicity share some complex relations, which in essence can connected to the public spheres. Aspects such as public opinion are considered under the media as those that elicit opinions from various quarters of the society in light of the national issues. Much of what is seen as public derives its status from the fact that aspect that are seen to be communal, by and large end up having a public characteristic. This is opposed to what is considered to be individual within the social setting.
The element of public characteristic is also seen to be the higher power vested within the society. It is for this reason that the elements of public definition are largely used in the constitution entwined in the concepts of representation. The public sphere can thus be seen as the larger concept formed from the rather smaller concepts of individualism. As different people come together in a society, they tend to believe in a higher power other than their individual strength and the ability to be represented individually; thus the element of political representation.
Over the years, the concept of public representation has developed over the years since the inception of monarchies to the democratic representation of the social needs at the political and social level.Regardless of the political and governance system, people tend to identify with the higher representation other than the personal levels in light of national matters. However, this element also spreads to the personal level, where nationalists will take pride in the national identity and make it part of the personal demeanor. Aspects such religions which belong to the public sphere have however found a way to step back into the private spheres. With policies such freedoms of worship within the constitution, religion is taken to be a priva...
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