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Describe How Social Identities Achieved Performatively (Essay Sample)


Explain how social identities are achieved performatively, and how language is involved in this process. You will need to cover Austin’s theory of performativity, explain why it is important to understanding how language works, and then discuss the readings from one (or more) of the weeks from after the midterm. Be sure to discuss an example in detail. 
need to use and reference at least 6 of the readings assigned during the semester. need to go through all 6 (or more) of the readings in equal depth, but you should go through some of them to develop your argument. 


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Our social identities are not given to us but are continually constructed as an illusion through gestures, the language that we use, and any other symbolic sign that we use in our daily lives. This is well explained in the speech theory through the illocutionary acts which are the speech acts that has consequences rather than just representing something (Austin, 1962). An example is when a judge or pastor says “I pronounce you man and wife” at any marriage ceremony. The statement has consequences by changing the status of two people and joining t...
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