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American ‘Political’ Beliefs Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Please write 1-2 pages on your ‘political’ beliefs. I put the scare quotes around political because part of this assignment is to consider which of your beliefs you consider political. Certainly there is a common understanding of what counts as a political belief—namely the issues that politicians argue about, as well as those issues that get addressed during election season. However there are any number of ideas, stances, actions etc. which can be, but normally are not, treated as political beliefs. We have already discussed how the optimism/pessimism divide was seen as a political stance in the 18th century. In some circles eating meat is a political as opposed to a dietary or moral issue. So you might want to consider a phrase we will meet later in the semester: ‘the personal is political’ and see if this makes sense to you.
The other word to think about is ‘My’—that is what makes the beliefs you hold yours. Unless you are an extreme iconoclast most of your political beliefs will be shared by a great number of other people, and indeed we in part learn, and in part are educated into a whole range of beliefs long before we have learned, if we ever do, to ‘think for ourselves’.
In the past students have approached this in various ways, which you might adopt if you are having difficulties in deciding how to express your own beliefs:
Some have:
Listed common political issues and explained what their opinions are;
Discussed how they were educated into a certain political view;
Discussed how they came to criticize or accept the view they were educated into;
Written a manifesto (though please refrain from open advocacy of the violent overthrow of the American government);
Explained the importance of certain values, fairness, justice, etc. in civic life.


American ‘Political’ Beliefs
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American ‘Political’ Beliefs
Some of the general political issues in the United States include abortion, taxation, use of guns, the environment, and animal rights. I believe life begins after conception and at no stance should the government legalize abortion (Gerdts et al., 2015). The fetus is a human being and has rights, just as the mother. Tax-payer funded abortions should be banned, and instead, the taxes channeled to other government projects. Also, everyone should be hired and amitted in schools of their interests, based on their abilities. Unfair and discriminatory practices should be eliminated in the selection process as reverse-discrimination is not the solution for racism. Superior treatment of other races, religions, and sexualities through affirmative action is wrong, some people are not racist, but the entire American State is not racist.
On death penalties, I believe the free market system, private enterprise, and competitive capitalism creates a great opportunity and quality living standards for all, as elaborated by Oliver et al., (2018). A market that does not rely on government regulation creates job opportunities, produces a dynamic economic growth, and raises the living standards.

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