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HHS4U: Sexual Abuse In Marital Relationships (Essay Sample)


In the course we have analyzed various topics and issues that impact individuals and families in Canada. Choose a topic you are interested to research further, examples: issues, mental health, relationships, parent and child relationships, sexual abuse, and anything else that can impact individuals and families in Canada

Success Criteria

Formal essay 500 words typed in APA style

12 font times new roman typed
Title page
Table of contents
5-7 course terms
Min 3 peer reviewed journal articles
APA Reference Page

Due dates:

1. Topic/ Question/ and your hypothesis (thesis)
2. Peer reviewed journal articles
3. Intro, 3 body topics, and conclusion notes (1-2 sentence for each)
4. First Draft for peer review
5. Final essay


Topic: Sexual abuse in marital relationships
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Topic: Sexual abuse in marital relationships
Research Question: What are the causes of marital sexual abuse in Canada?
Thesis statement: Although many cases spousal-sexual abuse go unreported, studies have linked the recent rise in reported cases to risk factors such as childhood sexual abuse, low income, pregnancy, mental or physical disability and marital relationship status.
Peer Journal Articles: Peer reviewed articles were obtained through an online search on Proquest online research database. The articles were reviewed for relevance to the research topic. Keyword filters were used to search article titles. The Keywords used were ‘Sexual abuse' ‘Couple sexual abuse', ‘Spousal-sexual abuse' ‘sexual abuse in marital relationships' and ‘Canada'. The peer reviewed filter was used to retrieve to limit the results to peer reviewed journals. The data filter was not used given that it would have restricted access to the most relevant journal articles.
The first peer reviewed article is one co-authored by Daigneault, Hebert & McDuff (2009) that explores how childhood sexual abuse subsequently impact sexual abuse in marital relationships. The study focused on both men and women and mainly focused on risk factors. It relied on a stratified national sample of N= 9170 and N= 7823 for women and men respectively. The results showed that there was an association between Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) and marital sexual abuse even though it established a stronger association for men than women. While spousal-sexual abuse statistics indicate an unprecedented increase in the recent past, there is need to refocus preventive strategies towards stemming Childhood Sexual Abuse. A reduction in Childhood sexual abuse will subsequently lead to a reduction in sexual abuse in marital relationships. Given the link between drug use and alcoholism and s

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