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Scientific Laws of Human Behavior (Essay Sample)


Response to the following prompt: Can there be scientific laws of human behavior and society? At least three citations are required (APA format), and the essay must be proofed and double-spaced. Please with good grammar and good word choice. One of the main points of grading is grammar. the idea should be good as well.


Scientific Laws of Human Behavior
Scientific Laws of Human Behavior
Scientific laws are the generalized rules of cause and effect between what is observed and what must apply given the same conditions. They can be stated in mathematical statement or verbal statement of a given situation. Human behavior entails the array behaviors shown by humans influenced by emotions, attitudes, rapport, culture, ethics, hypnosis, persuasion coercion, and values. This study aims at analyzing if there are scientific laws of human behavior. The study will make use of secondary sources as means reaching a conclusion on the existence and ability of scientific laws to explain human behavior (Mass: MIT Press et al, 1992).
There is a preclusion of use of scientific laws in explaining human behavior with the argument being natural scientific incidents are isolated, recurrent, simple, and stationary while human behavior is interactive, singular, variable, and complex (Martin & McIntyre, 1994). To provide scientific laws of human behavior is impossible given the above differences between scientific incidence and human behavior. The other reason or the lack of scientific law to explain human behavior is the complexity of human behavior to be explained in a simple manner by a scientific law. Human behavior is determined by critical variables that are constantly changing and stationary enough to establish an exact scientific relationship between variables (Mass: MIT Press et al, 1992).
The other arg...
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