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Same Sex Marriages Social Sciences Research Paper Essay (Essay Sample)


Topic: Same Sex Marriages
Thoroughly and critically review the history, pros, and cons of your position. Consider the social, political, and economic implications of your position and how it aligns with social work. Describe what social work values are at play and analyze the impact on marginalized populations served by the profession.i) Write a brief summary about things that stand out for you in your research (e.g. things that are new to you, and/or that you find thought provoking).
ii) If you read something that you agree or disagree with, please state and defend your position. This will require your critical review of the literature; you must reference your work (no fewer than four professional references for each side with a total of eight references for the paper). In doing so, you may include theoretical perspectives as well as empirical research findings.
iii) Consider issues from diverse points and add your own voice in the discussion. You are encouraged to connect your personal experiences so that the paper facilitates personalizing the readings. Then, you are to review and evaluate the official social work position on the topic per NASW and CSWE taking your critical review of the literature into consideration. If your position is not compatible with the official social work position/ethics, provide an examination of how you may work with the population(s) according to the NASW Code of Ethics.


Same Sex Marriages
Due Date
Same-Sex Marriages
Marriage brings people together. In most cases, these people are known to have made a conscious decision to be joined together. Societies around the world view marriage as an important and major issue. People all over the world consider marriage as marriage as the “key to the pursuit of happiness, something people aspire to – and keep aspiring to, again and again, even when their experience has been far from happy” (Nussbaum, 2009). This confirms that too many people around the world, marriage is a lifetime goal. So, to be told you cannot marry or get married is one of the most deflating and depressing statements. However, today, governments have found a way to make sure that they hold the key to who one says the words ‘I do.’ Is this fair and should the government be a factor when people are in love? This is among the many questions that people all over the world ask themselves as the debate over same-sex marriages rages on. In the U.S., the Supreme Court in 2015 recognized same-sex marriages and issued a decree or ruling that required states to recognize same-sex marriages. However, around the world, this has not been the case. In Africa, for example, many countries criminalized same-sex marriages, and in a country like Uganda, same-sex marriage is prohibited. In Kenya, the country’s constitution does not allow same-sex marriages, but the country is expected to make a ruling that may change the course of history this year. Middle East countries, like African countries, do not consider marriage between same-sex partners legal. Currently, the world is yet to come to terms with same-sex marriages, but this paper seeks to discuss the topic from the perspective of social work.

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