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Salem Witch Trials (Essay Sample)


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Salem Witch Trials
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“Salem witch trials”
During the year 1692, there was a lot of accusation of people for serious problems they caused to others, owed to limited information (Roach, 2002). This led to a series of cases filed in court before the local magistrates and county courts, a situation which was termed as Salem witches trials. The people alleged to practice such trials were executed and about twenty people were the victim of these for the period of three months between June and September in 1692 (Hill, 1997). Salem witches were carried out by local women and men in high places; although it was rejected by the community because it brought to human injustice in the community.
The “Salem witch trials” were associated with discrimination, abuse of power, and persecution as well as exposure to the society to unknown fears. The trials were fascinating because they were not generally accepted in the community during that period. Although, several theories tried to explain the causes of such hysteria; the facts about such unknown behaviours experienced by those girls were not obtained, but they were referred to as witch – hunts (Hill, 1997). Moreover, several historical, social, and literally interpretations reflected the witches and demonstrated that none of the explanation given about such behaviours were about “salem‘s spirits.” However, the trials were not the appropriate means of determining the cases in the community because they were open to many interpretations.
The explanation given to the people of their unusual behavior made them start believing that were obsessed with superstition (Roach, 2002). The influence on people in Massachusetts made the society believe in witchcraft. Moreover, the political differences between classes of societies made people believe in witchcraft (Kait, 1980). However, according to Boyer and Stephen Nissan Baum social misfits also made people to start believing in existence of witchcraft. The witches had some gender and psychological issues. The fits had some guiltiness in response due to participation in fortune telling. The fits were as a result of fear and post – traumatic experiences caused by war experienced in India, social tension being the main cause of guiltiness (Hill, 1997).
The Salem witchcraft was practiced by a group of people known as Puritans whose domicile was in England. These groups of people were not satisfied with church services and therefore, revolted to perform witchcraft trials as their way of finding solutions to their problems. They argued that church could not give solution because it was subject to political manipulation.
Even though the Puritans had strong spiritual faith in witchcraft trials, it did not give them the best solutions to their problems as it exposed them to the danger of isolation from other population groups. They practiced strictness and simplicity in their religion, lifestyle and conduct. They carried out witchcraft using various methods, which were exciting and sensational. The Puritans are believed to be the last group who were associated with this kind of witchcraft trials (Hill, 1997).
The Salem witchcraf...
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