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Colonialism, Gender and Society in Sub-Saharan Africa (Essay Sample)


Colonialism, Gender and Society in Sub-Saharan Africa. 
 Critical Analysis                                                                                 
1- Considering the reproductive health of women in Sub-Saharan Africa with regard to early marriage, HIV/AIDS, women’s self-control, discuss the relevance of sticking to the black African view of the world? 
2- One of your acquaintances says that: «the rape of women in times of war does not come under gender relations» What arguments can you use to convince them of the falsity of his reasoning?   It important to incorporate book citation in the argument. (Use scholar book and article )


Colonialism, Gender, and Society
Student’s Name
Colonialism, Gender, and Society
Women Reproductive Health
Sub-Saharan Africa always lacks behind in every aspect of development compared to the rest of the world. Most significantly, this part of the continent presents a major concern on matters of reproductive health more so on the female gender who are generally vulnerable. This has been attributed to the staunch African traditions and culture among other factors. With the emergence of non-curable sexually transmitted deceases like HIV/AIDS and also the growing concern on early mirages, African culture has got to evolve in order to improve reproductive health and the wellbeing of women. This paper purpose to point out the irrelevance of holding on to African traditions that undermine the wellbeing of African women.
Reproductive health mainly has to do with one’s freedom on matters related to the reproductive system. One is said to have attained full reproductive health when they can decide on their own on when, how and who to have sexual intercourse with, with no interference whatsoever to one's capability to reproduce (Darteh et al., 2019). Darteh et al. (2019) emphasize the role of decision making among women with regards to the reproductive health that has been greatly undermined in the sub-Saharan African region due to inadequate self-reliance among the female gender. Studies in the sub-Saharan region show that women have been subjected to oppressive social conditions, education, and occupations that hinder their decision making.

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