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Responsive Relationships in Inclusive Environments (Essay Sample)


This Early Childhood Eduction course. the book is called creating environments for learning by Julie Bullard. I don't if you can it online.Please read the Rubic part to check the requirement. The rubic is the last 2 part.


Responsive and Inclusive environment.
The immediate environment is a key determinant to the overall performance in education. Education is an interaction process hence it requires a serene environment for it to pay dividends. Learning is facilitated in various ways such as observation, framework learning, auxiliary peer interfaces, acknowledgement of student efforts, assistance in multifaceted activities as well as aiding the learners in documentation and safe storage of their work (Julie, 2013). This is undoubtedly a demanding task which will not only require expertise ability but also requires the zeal and willingness to help build a brighter tomorrow. The value of a responsive environment is actually to get the best out the learning population by subjecting learners to the most appropriate environment.
The responsive environment is one crucial tool in learning. It is an environment which encourages innovation, creativity, attentiveness, develops critical thinking abilities to students as well as development of adherence to set instructions. In a responsive learning environment, students are encouraged to collaborate hence providing a wealthy source of information. For instance teachers will fight isolation by formulating groups which are enhancing the collaborative aspect of the students (Julie, 2013). It is important to understand that; learning environment is not in a classroom alone. On the contrary learning environment is a vast environment which cut across the climatic conditions, school administrations, political systems as well as technological systems.
Observation is one of the crucial methods of evaluation which might be presumed as cheap and unauthentic way of determining the overall progress of learners. However, it is indeed among the most efficient methods to determine the overall progress of learners. Observing learners either in collaborative learning or individual learning plays a great role since it aids a teacher determine the interests, developments, areas of incapacitation as well as characters. Upon establishment of these key areas, teachers can prudently identify the best environment for their students hence developing a proactive learning culture which establishes perfectly fits certain learners (Julie, 2013).
The philosophy of inclusion is another crucial tool in the learning process. This philosophy aims to include every participant in the learning system. Every participant must feel accepted in a learning system as per this philosophy (Lisa, 2012). Actually this is more of a proactive philosophy which aims to incorporate the changes which might materialize in the learning process. In an inclusive environment, everyone is important for the overall good of the society. Indeed this philosophy creates mutual understanding and relationship in a system hence creating a common goal. In order to develop quality and authenticity in inclusive education, the following pri...
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