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Response Questions: Various Technological Advances (Essay Sample)


Read 1-7 ask 1 question from each of those essay, then answer and analyze those questions with 40-70words.
Read 8 and 9 ask 4 question and answer+analyze them (no words requirements)


Response Questions


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Essay 1
How does the media influence the aspect of spectacle that has been highlighted in the article?
The spectacle that has been referred to in the essay are the audiences who consume information that is found in the media channels. The media promotes various products which are in some cases at a higher cost that the consumers cannot afford. But since the consumers would like to have a test of the product, they will buy the product even if it is out of their means and as such it promotes capitalism.
Essay 2
How do the various ideologies that the society holds determine the way in which activities are conducted in that society?
Ideologies are the opinions that people hold towards different aspects in the society. A society with constructive ideologies will develop as compared to a society that has destructive ideologies that do not contribute to the development of that society.
Essay 3
There are various technological advances that are taking place. Is the culture industry still influencing the technological advances that are taking place? Which are some of the ways through which the culture industry is still influencing the technological advances.
The culture industry still plays a role in the advances that are taking place in the country. However, in the future, the role of the culture industry in the technological advances will diminish as time goes if proper strategies are not put in place. Most of the advances that are made are meant to help human beings to solve problems in the society. There are also advances which have been made such as use of modern storage technologies to ensure that there is proper storage of cultural artefacts for the future generation.
Essay 4
Which are some of the ways through which advertising has evolved to its present time.
In the ancient time, advertising was meant to pass information to the people about the existence of a particular product in the media. However, due to the various reasons, advertising in the present time determines a number of values in the society. It has been used as one of the ways of promoting capitalism through exaggerated content that is offered on the media through advertising.
Essay 5
Which are some of the ways through which modern media advertising promotes commodity fetishism.
Modern media channels are promoting commodity fetishism through the different forms of advertising that are present in the media. Content that is presented by the media is intended to convince the audience to consume the product that they are advertising by use of various images that are intended to make the viewer to be convinced of the benefits of the product that they are advertising. However, in most of the cases, it turns out to be otherwise. In some instances, the viewers of the channels can buy more than one item whose intended use is the same.
Essay 6
According to Walter Lippman, stereotypes helps the society to view the visible and invisible aspects of the society. Justify the statement by bringing to light the different ways through which stereotypes define visible and invisible aspects in our society.
Stereotypes form a generalization about a particular group of people and their behaviors. In some

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