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Repatriation Through Portraiture: Giving Narrative to Disability (Essay Sample)


Each entry should contain A) the title, B) the author(s), C) a 1 -2 sentence summary of the piece, and D) answers to the following questions:
What is the author’s main argument or thesis?
List new terms, concepts, or ideas you encountered in this piece. Were you able to find out what these terms, concepts or ideas mean? Do you need further clarification? (If so, bring these questions to class!)
Given the information you have (or can easily locate), what do you think the author’s positionality is? How might this positionality impact the author’s thesis or main claims?
Who do you think the audience is? Provide evidence for your reasoning.


Title: Repatriation Through Portraiture: Giving Narrative to Disability
Author: Allison Meier
This is a piece in which the author is keen to discuss the form of a human body with reference to the way that the disabled are viewed in the society (Meier, 2013). In a society that is obsessed with the perfect human body, people tend to distance themselves from any form of a human that is not with symmetry.
The human body is one that is measured by the level of symmetry that is visible to human eye. This is also the standard that is used to establish elements such as beauty (Meier, 2013). However, the author is keen to draw the people closer to a standard that is appreciative of the forms that the bodies of the disabled come in.
Portraiture is concept that involves word pictures designed in manner that allows the artist to show the appearance of a person and even character (Meier, 2013). This is rather intriguing and gives art a whole different meaning.
The author is a rather observant person given that the fact that she has identified the gap in representation

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