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Reflection Paper Social Sciences Essay Research Coursework (Essay Sample)


Please write a reflection paper using talk space app
Answer the following questions for this reflection.
1. What is the application and why did you choose it?
2. Where did you first hear about it?
3. Describe the intervention - Give a "walk through", or operationalize the application and how it achieves what it says it will.
4. Reflect on YOUR experience using the application. What was most/least helpful? What would you change (if anything) for it to be more user-friendly? How did it help you work through what you were trying to work through? You may refer to theories of change.
6. List a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed research articles (if any). If there are none, then just state that there are none. Also, give a quick overview of what users are saying about the application.


Talkspace is an application that enables people to access and work with experienced therapists. People can talk with different members of the Talkspace on phone or meet the therapists via a video chat. It is the most convenient and affordable way of improving one's mental health. The subscription services of this application provide quality mental health care to people above 13 years. Today more than one million people have already used this application (Palaniappan, 2015). The reason why I chose this application is that I can find licensed therapists through their mobile apps on Android and iOS and websites. People can get help without traveling to a brick and mortar office for a consultation.
This application was recommended to me by a therapist. I needed some counseling and the therapist was not available for some weeks. I downloaded the application and I was able to receive assista

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