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Reflection on the app you mentioned on the previous paper you wrote. (Essay Sample)


Please write a reflection on the app you mentioned on the previous paper you wrote.
https://app(dot)smartsheet(dot)com/b/form/ (Links to an external site.)0f6b39c460ca421081a249ed4d6f03d0 (Links to an external site.)
Answer the following questions for this reflection.
1. What is the application and why did you choose it?
2. Where did you first hear about it?
3. Describe the intervention - Give a "walk through", or operationalize the application and how it achieves what it says it will.
4. Reflect on YOUR experience using the application. What was most/least helpful? What would you change (if anything) for it to be more user-friendly? How did it help you work through what you were trying to work through? You may refer to theories of change.
5. List a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed research articles (if any). If there are none, then just state that there are none. Also, give a quick overview of what users are saying about the application.


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February 19, 2020
1. Meru Health is an application where anyone can get mental health services by just using a mobile phone. Currently, this is available in Google Play and Apple Store. This app offers treatment programs for those who are suffering from depression and anxiety disorders. I chose this app because I believe this is of great advice to many people, especially to those who want to seek help but fail to do so. Some of the reasons why some people can’t seek help include the lack of time due to busy work or school schedule, as well as the lack of money to be paid for medications. Some, although willing to be treated, can’t do so because there are no readily available treatments, especially the people in remote areas.

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