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Reflection: How to Better Your Organizations Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Using the information from your reading this week and the TED Talk you watched (LINK PROVIDED BELOW), think about how you would work to increase the effectiveness of one of the organizations you are a part of or work. Then, write a substantive reflection in approximately 500 words. In your reflection address the questions and criteria in this assignment. Reference your sources appropriately according to APA guidelines. You may use 1st person in this assignment.
What kind of organization is this?
What type of change does it need?
Assess the different elements and processes influencing behavior of the organization and/or the process of change.
What role would social workers play in improving the effectiveness of this orginization.
We Are using this book below Chapter (8)
Kirst-Ashman, K. K. (2014). Human behavior in the macro social environment (4th ed.). Belmont, CA: Thomson Brooks/Cole Publishing Company.
I have also uploaded PDF's of reading portions for CH. 7 & 14 is this helps as well. (note**** the PDF uploads I added are not from the book above that we are reading in class).
Thank you for your help.


How to Better Your Organization
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How to Better Your Organization
Many organizations fail to achieve their objectives since they do not encourage constructive changes. People are used to their daily routines, which is the reason why they consider changes as disruptive. However, without looking for ways that one can improve the operating environment in a firm, it becomes extremely had to achieve success. Specifically, I work for an organization that focuses on providing services to individuals. For sure, I can attest that it has been a long time since something new was introduced to facilitate how the firm operates. After reading our textbook and watching Dan Pocholke’s TED Talk, I believe that our organization can change various processes in its operating environment to increase its effectiveness.

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