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Reaction Statement: Welfare Benefits For Non-Citizens (Essay Sample)


Hello. I need a social issue reaction statement. I have chosen you as a writer because I continue to be very pleased with your work. Thank you again in advance. For my reaction statement, I selected the controversial assertion that non-citizens should have access to welfare benefits.
The essay should:
1. Reveal reaction.
2. Explain why it is important to you.
3. Clearly define the issue addressed in the statement.
4. State your position on the issue.
5. Defend your position.
6. Conclude concisely.
Please, do not use "I" statements and do not cite any sources; however, this is one article I found that may be useful.
The first part of the assignment is most important, but if time permits, please end my reaction essay with a one paragraph response to a fellow classmate's reaction statement. This part would present a pro-choice declaration.


Reaction Statement
By Student’s Name
Reaction Statement
Since the adoption of the 1996 welfare law, access to welfare benefits for non-citizens became increasingly limited as many of them were made ineligible. As residents of the United States, their social well-being remains equally important and thus welfare benefits should be provided to non-citizens as well.
It is important to provide non-citizens with welfare benefits because, like the American citizens, legal non-citizens actively participate in a broad range of economic, political and social aspects of American life, albeit with certain exceptions. The provision of welfare benefits means that the government gives support to the individuals who coul

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