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Rape and crisis intervention (Essay Sample)


Crisis Intervention Paper
This is your chance to learn about a crisis related topic of your choice. You can select any topic listed in the course text. You can also choose another topic but be sure to run it by me first).
Your paper consists of two components. BOTH must be completed to receive a grade.
1) An 8 page (minimum) double spaced APA formatted and cited paper using a minimum of 5 CANADIAN sources (mostly peer reviewed journals which can be supplemented by Canadian books). This section of your paper explores the issue of your choice. Describe the issue including such factors as incidence rates, how the crisis manifests itself (behaviours of people experiencing the crisis) the impact on people experiencing them, recommended interventions and the effectiveness of these interventions. 20 Marks
I would like you to write about sexual abuse (rape_ What it is, statistics about it, why sexual abuse/rape is a crisis, why crisis intervention is needed, and what methods and models of crisis intervention can be used. This paper is for my crisis intervention class I am in social work so please keep that in mind also PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL SOURCES ARE CANADIAN! also keep in mind the first paragraph along with this portion
I will be attaching a website with my password and login for my online textbook for the course it has a full chapter on sexual abuse/rape and crisis intervention feel free to use it as a source but not as the primary one just so you get an idea of what crisis intervention is, the book also has crisis intervention methods for rape hopefully you can find sources to use in the paper and only peer reviewed sources are to be used
Chapter 9 Sexual assault


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We note systematic inequality every single time we are faced with the al important issue of rape because it is an almost entirely divisive topic in the community and nation as a whole. The levels of rape tolerance in the Canadian society today must be addressed and brought down as this is a disaster in the making (James & Gilliland, 2013).
Since rape cases have often and keep being reported to have occurred under a wide a array of guises and in several other contest it is our thinking of whether a sexual act is qualified as a rape case or not that shall continue to taunt us for some time. For example it a man across the street decides to sexually violate a woman they have just met on the other end of the street then there is a very big possibility that a majority of us would think of the assult as a rape case and we are ready to seek revenge and declare it an act of gross violation of the woman`s rights (Turell, 1999). On the other hand, if is established that their could have been a relationship going on between a suspected rapist and victim then the possibility that our focus could shift from the perception that tit could be a criminal violation to an investigation of the details of the allegations as well as the victim`s credibility.
Sex-related crimes such as sexual assaults and rape are without a doubt some of the few categories of crime that end up adversely affecting the victims and the community by extension. We can see the impact of sexual assault crimes and rape everyday in our lives by the way various parents take extra precautionary measures to take care of their children and as a result we can note how stories and news of rape affecting our sense of security and safety (Turell, 1999). What is unknown to several people is that the combination of the community`s fear, the amount of emotions elicited, the victims suffering, with a couple of myths and stereotypes is what really makes this type of crime really complex to deal with. Furthermore, the interventions techniques that have been proposed by scholars that have been tried and tested and eventually approved are ideally enough to tackle the issues involved effectively.
Definition of Rape
As noted by James & Gilliland, (2013), many definitions of rape abound and some are based on legalities that are often derived from several other sources and as Brownmiller(1975) seeks to distinguish between a majority of the existing definitions with a legal dimension and what she has chose to refer to as woman`s definition. The writer is of the view that legal definitions tend give rape a meaning of "the forcible perpetration of an act of sexual intercourse on the body of a woman not one`s wife" (p. 380) and this she claims is a bit too narrow and aims at promoting male chauvinism because what the legal lingo is trying to...

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