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Racialization and Ethnicization (Essay Sample)

2) Scholarly definition of the concepts of ethnicization and racialization (Maximum: ½ page) Give scholarly definitions for the concepts of ethnicization and racialization. Your definitions must be taken from the scholarly social science literature. You must quote the definitions of ethnicization and racialization directly from the scholarly sources, give the full references for the definitions, and explain the definitions in your own words. 3) Discuss the concepts of ethnicization, racialization, ethnicity, and race. (Maximum: 1 ¾ pages) Discuss how the concept of ethnicization is different from the concept of ethnicity and how the concept of racialization is different from the concept of race. Also discuss the problems with the concepts of ethnicity and race. In your discussion, you must use at least two concepts which include: dominant ideology,hegemony, social construction, patriarchy studied in the course and at least one article from the course to support your analysis which includes Kinsman, Gary. 2003. Queerness is not in our Genes: Biological determinism versus social liberation. Making Normal: social regulation in Canada. Scarborough: Thomson. 262-284 or Pantin, Emmy. 2001. The Personal is Political. Turbo Chicks: Talking Young Feminisms, edited by Allyson Mitchell, Lisa Bryn Rundle, and Lara Karaian. Toronto: Sumach Press. 186-193. . You must underline and briefly define the concepts, quoting their definitions from the course material or the scholarly literature. Full references must be supplied for the definitions of the two concepts used and the course article used. source..

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Racialization and Ethnicization are terms that are used to depict by which a race and ethnic group to belong to the same belief with respect to their social and economic structures. Racialization is the dynamic process that is used to make race socially, economically and psychologically significant, whereas Ethnicization is a dynamic processes that construct people as belonging to a particular ethnic group on the basis of assumptions about culture, national origin, or language. Racialization is widely used as a way of looking through the identities that are associated with a race emphasizing that race is not a naturally occurring phenomenon (Woodward, 2004). Therefore, it has an indication that race is dynamic and its social significant is attained through various social, economic, and psychological processes. On the other hand the concept of Ethnicization portrays the dynamic processes that enhance people into one ethnic group or another with the assumptions on the basis of culture, nationality and language.
The concept of race and ethnicity are the identities, which starts from the identities of individuals on the basis of color, culture, place of origin and other attributes. This is the process by which bodies, language and form of dresses are read off, and are often used by individuals who make them as the basis for unequal access to resources. Race and ethnicity are terms used to identify and expand the understanding of how identities are formed (King-O’riain,p520, 2007). These are identities that are formed as part of social process, produced collectively and they usually change over time. The shaping of how a race or an ethnic group want to define their identities is constrained by racism in the society, but the change on who is inc...
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