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HLS 6010 DF5 Week 5: Putting WMD Terrorism into Perspective (Essay Sample)


Based upon your reading how have YOUR thoughts changed on WMD's and terrorist activities. If not, why? Explain!!!


WMD Terrorism
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WMD Terrorism
WMD terrorism refers to terrorist attacks conducted using weapons of mass destructions by terrorist groups such as the Al-Qaeda movement group. This kind terrorism continues to change over the years due to continuous enhancement of the weapons used, ranging from the use of mass casualty chemical, radiological, biological and nuclear weapons (Parachini, 2003, p. 37). The use of these forbidden weapons makes the WMD terrorism a transnational threat, necessitating worldwide collaboration to come up with measures of coping with this kind of terrorism. Attention should be drawn to the effects, motives, vulnerability, context and capabilities of such attacks. Counterterrorism efforts that aid in deals with this type of terrorism have been sought through numerous government and private studies (Busch & Daniel, 2009). States have also started training programs to educate the public on how to respond to such kind of attacks.
The nature of terrorism has also changed over time (Gary, 2005). Terrorists are no longer bound by limits that were previously established, and nowadays terrorists have sought mass and indiscriminate killings and use religious grounds to justify their acts. The types of weapons and technologies used by terrorists have also changed over time. The continuous terrorist attacks indicate that it is impossible to eradicate terrorism across the globe (Lugar, 2002 ). However, measures can be taken to try and limit the scale and scope of these attacks and as a result, prevent terrorists from achieving a critical degree of freedom. To curb terrorism, it is important for nations to join hands and formulate a range of economic, diplomatic and military policies (Maurer, 2009). Another policy that can be used to curb terrorist threat is by declaring any form of state sponsorship to terrorists as a violation of international system which would lead to severe risks to the state’s security.
Busch, N., & D. J. (2009). Nathan E. Busch, Daniel Joyner. University of Georgia Press.
Gary, A. (2005). WMD Terrorism Research: Whereto from Here? ...
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