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Psyhological Impact of Conflict (Essay Sample)

It is a reflection. Instruction: Personal Theory of motivation and change are outlined and demonstarted and include examples wich back up your position. I will send my first reflection and the courrse outline too. In this reflection I would like to know what your understanding of people and movitation is now, after the work we've done together so far. It may not have changed, which is fine, but say why. If it has changed or you have some thoughts you would add to what you wrote last time, I would like to hear that. If you would like to explore something new that has come to mind since writing your first one, feel free to write about that. Basically, I am checking in with where are you now given the things we have explored. If you want to write about your feelings or personal experience in response to the things we have been talking about, I'd be happy to hear that too. So for my purposes, I want to know where you are now, and I hope you feel free to make it something that is useful for you too. source..

Psychological Impact of Conflict
Name Laura Di Dio
Institution: St Paul University
Date: 2012.11.10

Psychological Impact of Conflict
Human beings are social beings and there are several aspects that promote social coexistence. One such aspect is peace. The existence of peace in the society promotes interaction among different members of the society. However, humans often encounter situations which compromise their peaceful coexistence. This could be due to rivalry, conflict of interest, or mere propaganda. More often, conflict may arise due to aggression or violation of expectations. Humans have learnt from experience that if a conflict between rival parties is left to escalate, the outcome might be unbearable. As such, whenever there is a conflict between two or more parties, humans often work collectively to speed up the process of resolving that issue; the main objective is to enhance peaceful coexistence.
Conflict resolution is motivated by the attachments that exist between humans. The society prohibits the treatment of others in an inhuman manner. The society is made up of many families, which are brought together by common beliefs. There exists a special attachment between members of the same family, clan, ethnic group, community, country, and the world at large. Although there is a special connection between these members of the society, conflict is inevitable. This is due to the fact that people have different opinions, interests, and beliefs. Regardless of an individual’s ethnic, religious, political, or racial affiliation, all humans are the same, and there is no group that is superior to the others. In societies where this aspect is understood, the chances of conflicts are minimal.
This paper has noted that humans a...
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