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What Are The Pros And Cons To Providing These Subsidies? (Essay Sample)


Please provide at least 2 sources, be careful when paraphrasing, and format in-text citations or direct quotations in APA style.


Agricultural Subsidies
Agricultural Subsidies, otherwise called agrarian sponsorships, are installments and different sorts of help reached out by the U.S. central government to specific ranchers and agribusinesses. While a few people consider this helper essential to the U.S. economy, others believe the endowments to be a type of corporate welfare.
For the US economy, the agriculture and food industry was able to garner 5.4% from the overall economy, and that was just in year 2017. 11% of the workforce of the country were employed in this field. The gross domestic product for farming was 1% which employed 1.3% of the workers.
Corn is the biggest and most popular selling crop of the country. 15 bushels are grown averagely every year. 15% of these types of product are traded overseas which makes it one of the most profitable in US economy. The states of Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa are among the records for most corn crops grown per year. The state that produces the most expensive food products is California. They produce wine, dairy, walnuts, pistachios, almonds, which aren’t subsidized. (Amadeo, 2019)
The food supply can be more secure and protected from extreme calamities, and situations, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and extreme temperatures both low and high. Subsidizing agriculture would mean that there is continuous food production during economic crises or other global chaos.
Through subsidy, farms are able to garner commodity pr

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