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Project 1: Video/DVD Analysis Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


This project will involve comparing and contrasting Comte, Marx and Durkheim to a short (10 minutes) video/DVD of your choice.
For this project, you must write a 2-3 page double-spaced analysis of a video. You need to:
Identify a video/DVD (from YouTube or elsewhere, like the Films on DemandLinks to an external site. database in the PCC Library).
What video or video clip should you select? Videos that focus on drama, comedy, documentaries, personal videos, sports, game shows, education, sitcoms, politics, environment, protest, etc.
Do not select videos that concentrate on Comte, Marx and Durkheim! Why? Because your analysis will emphasize their perspectives.
Provide a short summary of the video/DVD (What is the video about? Why did you select your video? Clarity is important!)
In separate paragraphs, explain how Comte, Marx and Durkheim would view – interpret your video/DVD. Thoroughly explain using sociological concepts/terms. (You may write as much as possible. Clarity is important.)
Which paradigm is most represented in your video/DVD? Explain why?
Conclusion: Provide a concluding paragraph.
Please post your final document with all the above information included.


Project 1: Video/DVD Analysis: Capitalism and Comte, Marx, and Durkheim
Institutional Affiliation
Project 1: Video/DVD Analysis: Capitalism and Comte, Marx, and Durkheim
Summary: “History of Ideas – Capitalism.” By The School of Life (Video)
While capitalism has become commonplace in today’s business and social life, it represents one of the complex theories of human society that have developed through history and has a set of reservations. The video provides a historical development of the concept of capitalism since 1303 in Italy with a representation of Jesus Christ getting angry with money lenders. I chose the video due to its comprehensiveness in the topic of capitalism, especially the historical elements and its support for capitalism. The pursuit of money and business, according to the teachings of Christ, separates one from a good spiritual life. This notion of the decadence of trade and money holds back the development of capitalism for centuries.

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