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Prevalence of Co-Occurring Disorders, Clinical Symptoms of Substance (Essay Sample)


This is a three part paper. The first part is titled Prevalence of Co-Occurring Disorders part 2 is Clinical Symptoms of substance use disorders and part 3 is the differences and similarities in the mental health and substance abuse systems,The instruction sheet is added please read careful. I need in text citations, scholarly references answer questions in details please. Chapter one and seven from the book is added and other articles are added that you would need. there is one article missing which is tip 42 chapter 3 I will send it in on Sunday


Three part paper
Institutional Affiliation
Part 1
Q.1 The statistical piece of information I do not find surprising according to Jack Klott's book is that substance- associated disorders and PTSD are the most rampant co-occurring illnesses (Klott, 2013, pp.14). It is because; individuals suffering from mental disorders tend to make wrong decisions. Thus, are likely to make poor choices to abuse drugs, and other substances. For instance, persons with depression, anxiety disorders among other mental ailments may choose to engage in drinking alcohol or taking drugs to run away from their conditions. However, it works for a while and in some instances lead to consequences that cause PTSD. Second, people with severe mental illnesses tend to relieve the effects of their prescribed medication or symptoms by self-medicating. As a result, they end up taking drugs such as weed or cocaine, which dull their minds, makes them happy and makes them feel what they consider normal. Third, Post-traumatic stress disorder tends to occur among such individuals due to traumatic conditions they experience due to their mental conditions.
Q. 2The statistical piece of information I find surprising is that 80% to 95 % of patients in search of management for substance use disorders had experienced extreme trauma in their lives (Klott, 2013, pp.14). The statistics are surprising in my opinion, as in a world where according to UN News about 250 million persons utilize at least one type of drug, several factors contribute to their drug use. Among the causes include; for recreation purposes, experiencing traumatic situations earlier on in life, problems, depression, psychological problems and peer pressure among others. While trauma is an emotional response towards a terrible event such as loss of a loved one and sexual defilement, having about 95 percent of clients admitting to having experienced emotionally terrifying circumstances is a startling fact (, 2016, Jun 21). It, therefore, means that most of the individuals that abuse drugs and substances are victims of various situations, and not willing participants in abusing drugs and substances.
Part 2
The identification and diagnosis of substance use are possible through eleven criterion. The first grouping comprises of criterions one to four, characterized by weakened ability to control substance use. In criterion1, a substance abuser ends up taking significant quantities of the substance they are addicted to more than what they usually consume. In criterion 2, individuals express a willingness to reduce and eventually stop the behavior all together but continually fail at it. Criterion 3 involves an abuser spending all day procuring the substances, using them or recuperating from their effects. In criterion 4, craving develops mainly when a user visits a surrounding that they previously used as a drug den (American Psychiatric Association, 2013, pp. 1).
The se

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