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Poverty In News Social Sciences Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


You will find a legitimate daily new paper for example New York Times, LA Times, Sacramento Bee etc. and review and analyze an issue of poverty. Different the what you used for assignment 1
You will be analyzing and connecting a reasonable daily or weekly article that is relative to the subject of poverty in the United States to the text and course material. Article can be found from a legitimate new source from a print or on-line source. The articles must be written within the time frame of the course to assure it is contemporary. It must be related to a social issue involving poverty. You should choose a meaningful article that relates to sociology and contains enough information to make direct connections to the text. The purpose of this paper is to connect a contemporary current (no later than 3 months old) social issue concerning poverty to the course material briefly and concisely. Each paper must include the following elements:

I. 3-5 paged double-spaced paper.

II. Describe in depth the issue of poverty and how it connects with issues raised in the text and sociology.

II. At least four in text citations from the text, readings posted on canvas or any other reasonable social science source. Select any appropriate areas in the text, reading or research that apply to the article. You must be able to connect your reactions to the articles in a scholar way. For in text citations you may use ASA or APA.

III. Complete work cited in ASA or APA format.


Running head: POVERTY UNDER COVID-191
Poverty Under COVID-19
Student Name
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Poverty Under COVID-19
The economic implications for COVID-19 are still incalculable. Given current pace of COVID-19 spread, as well as impact on economy, any assessment of Covid-19's economic impact, at micro and/or macro levels, is deemed premature. There are, however, growing evidence, in addition to news reports, of increasing poverty rates among different social segments. The question of poverty is, of course, as old as economics. The new realities of poverty under COVID-19 are, however, a novelty. Traditionally, poverty, economically speaking, occurs for a variety of structural, institutional and personal factors. The pandemics, including COVID-19, have, of course, a fair share of investigation as contributors to poverty. Then again, current scope of and severity in impact of COVID-19 on personal and national incomes is, according to many estimates, unprecedented. Moreover, stimulus packages, usually expedited during major economic crises, are provided during more “normal,” economic-induced factors. The current economic crisis caused by COVID-19 involves, meanwhile, much more beyond cyclical effects of economic crises. Indeed, current economic crisis under COVID-19 uncovers underlying economic social policies, mediated by political negotiations, informing current proposed stimulus package intended to prevent millions of Americans from falling into poverty. To put matters into perspective, a news article piece is examined to discuss poverty in a more practical context. This paper aims, accordingly, to examine “Column: Coronavirus relief briefly saved millions from poverty, but they’re slipping back down” (Hiltzik, 2020) in order to explore poverty as a U.S. social issue supported by recent findings on impact, actual and potential, of COVID-19 on poverty.
The CARES Act, enacted expediently in March 2020 to mitigate economic impact of

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