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Four Posts On The War On Drugs In The United States (Essay Sample)


I need in text citation details this is a new class, here are the questions I will be sending you chapters one and two later this morning. there should be a intext citation for each questions. There should be a reference page


4 post 1-1, 1-2, 2-1 & 2-2
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The war on drugs in the United States using legislations has been ineffective. It is because of failure of legislations to curb the demand for these drugs. The use of illicit drugs began in the early 1900s. In mountains regions of Central and South American, people observed the growth of plants such as blue morning glories that produce hallucinogens, poppy plants and cocoa leaves that are sources of opium and cocaine respectively (Robert, 2009, p9-10). However, the effects these plants had on animals that fed on them informed made them curious. Their curiosity caused their drug use habits and became the principal cause of illicit drug use. Additionally, according to the Recovery Gateway organization, people use drugs to relieve stress, to entertain themselves, to experiment and rebel. When addiction sets in, these individuals continually seek for these drugs creating a high demand (Gateway Foundation, 2017). Consequently, with the majority of the legislations working to inflict the punishment of incarceration to drug offenders, the demand problem remains thus, their use continues.
Use of illicit drugs has resulted in increased cases of violence and crime. It is estimated that alcohol and substance abuse fuels 80% of the overall offenses in America that leads to incarceration. These issues fuel social problems such as domestic violence, murder, DUY deaths, robbery and insecurity (Robert, 2009, p.3...
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