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Post Discussion: Depressions And Anxiety (Essay Sample)


There are 5 questions of students comments 6-1 there are 2 students who are David and Jackie 6-2 there are three students who are Amy, Amdra and David all need sallary comments, no materials past 10 years. I have added materials that you will need to finish the two questions 6-1 and 6-2 questions are not the same please answer as many word possible making it equal please.


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David argues that when a person suffering from depression and anxiety starts depending on substances like drugs and alcohol, he is likely to ruin his entire life. He cannot get rid of the anxiety disorder with such materials and instead needs immediate medical treatment. Episodes of mode disturbance may increase in frequency if the disease remains untreated (Bowen & Walker, 2015).
According to Ashley, anxiety and depression are two of the most common co-occurring diseases, and that the treatment of such disorders is quite difficult. When a person depends on drugs or alcohol for survival, he may not get recovered easily. For clinicians, it becomes impossible to treat him within the specified time. Such individuals need to depend on themselves and not solely on medications (Hershfield & Bell, 2016).
Amy thinks that Exposure and Response Prevention is the only reliable treatment for OCD. The person being treated is asked to spend a few hours or days without his drugs or alcohol. It allows him to gain empowerment and strength. Systematic desensitization and flooding is another technique tha

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