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Post Comments: Psychopharmacological Intervention (Essay Sample)


The three students are Joseph, Amy and Laphen all must have in text citation, reference page, no materials past 10 years all comments must be substantially make each one = in word count please about at least 175 words each. you can use the materials from my 3-1 post and the students reference that they used and that is also added any questions let me know.


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According to Laphen, counselors can neither prescribe nor reassess medications. They also don't need to help patients get rid of depression, stress, and other similar issues, but rather refer patients for a possible psychopharmacological intervention. For this, the counselor can provide patients with complete guidance on how to begin treatment and what type of diagnosis will be undertaken. Furthermore, they should write a case history to help the doctor evaluate a patient's overall condition and prescribe medications as soon as possible. If the client is in serious condition, it will be great to contact his family members or friends or refer him to another mental health professional for an in-depth assessment (Shallcross, 2017).
Amy believes that a counselor should refer his patients for a psychopharmacological intervention only when his condition or situation changes with time. Otherwise, the counselor can continue his work and help patients

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