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Position Paper. International Political Economy:Economic Globalization (Essay Sample)


Select one (1) of the following statements. Your task is to develop an argument that takes a clear position on the statement, either by defending it (agreeing with it) or critiquing it (opposing it).Taking a nuanced or middling view on the statement is of course also entirely appropriate, but students should be careful to clearly articulate their argument if adopting such a position. A formal rubric is included below.


International Political Economy: Economic Globalization
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International Political Economy: Economic Globalization
Globalization is an element that justifies the dynamism in the current civilization. Since the turn of the 21st Century, the globe has experienced tremendous change particularly, in the economic scope of things. Globalization can be referred to as the increased interactions among human societies worldwide. In essence, this procedure is a multifaceted phenomenon that encapsulates cultural, technological, political, social, and economic dimensions (Mir, Hassan, & Qadri, 2014). Technological advancements are central to these changes defining how these interactions ought to take place. Even then, globalization has been a source of a contentious topic. The hotly-contested debate reverberates around whether globalization is beneficial or harmful to the world. This discussion is quite controversial as both sides of the divide highlight worthwhile arguments. Some of the adverse consequences for the globalization include abused forced labor, environmental destruction in developing nations, lower wages for laborers, and extreme unemployment. Nevertheless, globalization has been instrumental in improved business and employment opportunities, reduced consumer prices, increased productivity, and educational liberalization, which are essential metrics in the alleviation of poverty despite the accompanying demerits.

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