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Philosophy (Essay Sample)

Do not use any other out sources!! except this reading This is the material :Chapter 8, Sections 7-26, of An Essay Concerning Human Understanding Pg. 136-145 (original text page numbers) What: An argumentative paper defending an appropriate philosophical thesis regarding one of the given topics, using course texts and lecture materials. This is your chance to demonstrate your skills in philosophical argument; try to convince the reader, using sound or cogent arguments, why your take on an issue is the right one. The paper must explain the issue, including relevant arguments or theories from the course lecture and readings where appropriate; present philosophical arguments (epistemic reasons) defending the thesis; and consider and rebut at least one important counterargument that might be given attacking the arguments or claims you have made for your thesis. Clarity, accuracy, logic, and independent thinking should be shown. 1) Is Locke correct that our ideas of secondary qualities do not resemble actual features of objects in the world? Present and evaluate his one best argument for that claim. Note: It is up to you to decide which of his arguments is the most logically convincing, but this paper is not about why you chose that one over the others. Pick the one you really think is most persuasive and just discuss that argument on its own terms, not in relation to the others. Don¡¯t try to make it easy on yourself by picking the weakest and shredding it; your paper (and grade) will be of lower quality if you take this ¡®straw man¡¯ approach. Focus on presenting and evaluating the chosen argument in your paper. The topic is Why Arg. X succeeds or fails, not Why I think Arg. X is best . Paper Requirements: Check 1) clear statement and explanation of the question, problem, or argument 1)________ being addressed 2) clear statement of an appropriate thesis on the issue in 1) 2) ________ 3) accurate explanation of the relevant arguments, theories, and terms 3) ________ 4) a thoughtfully developed, well-organized argument defending your thesis 4) ________ that goes beyond just repeating points from the text and class discussion, showing that you¡¯ve thought about the issues on your own 5) discussion of at least one important counterargument to your argument 5) ________ (good possible objections are explained and it is shown why they fail to defeat your thesis) 6) clear writing (meaning is easy to understand; proofread for spelling and grammar, etc.) 6) ________ 7) appropriate length, not including headers/bibliography/citations 7) ¬¬¬¬________ 8) appropriate citations (and bibliography if using other than course texts); 8) ¬¬¬¬________ This is the material :Chapter 8, Sections 7-26, of An Essay Concerning Human Understanding Pg. 136-145 (original text page numbers) source..

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This assignment is based on sense equality argument and perception. Perception is realized on understanding and awareness of the environment which someone is. Its main objective it to organize and interpretation of sensory information, all perception is derived from signals that are generated in the nervous system and results to stimulation of sense organs. A good example is smell which is triggered by smell of odor molecules and hearing is developed by pressure waves. Although most people do urge that perception is passive in receipt of the signals but that is not the case. Perception is mostly shaped by someone expectations or expectations of what is intended to be attained in near or future times. Expectations is more less a vision which powers the brain to generate ideas of what is being thought about to be achieved. With such expectations the brain is able to formulate what someone is expecting. Formulation of the ideas are based on considerations of what is likely to happen in future as expectation is centered on what will happen in near future. The main challenge of the idea is that it might be realist or it is not realist and in cases which it will be achieved as anticipated it could be disappointing or even arise other form of emotions which are negative. While on the other hand is there is something which will happen and it was not expected then that is a surprise.
The other contributor to perception is memory. Memory is known to store a lot of pats experiences which are required in decision making and formulation ideas. Memory is applicable mostly when someone is faced with a similar situation in future which requires him/her to recall the most appropriate idea when it is required to resolve the issues being experienced. Memory has the ability of retaining, storing and recalling the past events in support of idea generation. The most complex part of the memory is the functioning of sensory memory this is the ability of the brain to realize the item in terms of milliseconds once it has been perceived. An example on its application in our daily life is how someone is exposed to an item and within a fraction of a second you are able to remember how it is supposed to be. Perception involves some complex processing of the conscience awareness.
It is evident that sense is the one which is used to feed the brain with information and there are different senses depending on the how strong the sensory organs are. For example it is much difficult for a human being to here sharp sounds as in comparison on a bat w...
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