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Philosophy. basic critical thinking and reading. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Choose one of the following six essays from Reader’s Choice, and complete questions 1 - 3 in the table below.
“Seven Criteria for Adoption of New Technology” by Will Braun, Chapter 5
“In Defense of Graffiti” by Alex Boyd, Chapter 5
I want to choose essay called ,“Shootings” by Adam Gopnik, Chapter 9 from text book called
Flachmann, Kim, Michael Flachmann, Alexandra MacLennan, and Jamie Zeppa. Reader’s Choice. 7th Canadian ed. Toronto: Pearson Canada, 2013.
“Anti-Gay Bullying” by Daniel Fricker and Lars Kushner, Chapter 9
“Shootings” by Adam Gopnik, Chapter 9
“Violently Happy: Why the NHL Needs to Make Hockey Safe Again for Those Who Appreciate Bloodshed” by Aaron Wherry, Chapter 9
“The Ecstasy of War” by Barbara Ehrenreich, Chapter 10
(30) 1. Use one of the two active reading methods to read the essay for this assignment. Submit all your notes. For those steps usually done “in your head” (such as recite), note briefly what you did in the step. If you use a Reading Inventory, when you reach Rereading, only answer the first three questions listed in Reader’s Choice, page 41. State the author’s purpose and main idea.
(30) 2.
Complete an outline or a map for a Critical Review essay (Log Entry 38) that you will write on the article that you have chosen. The first part of your outline, provide a guideline for writing an accurate summary of the author’s argument(s). Log Entries 17, 18, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 32, and 33 will be particularly useful for completing the first part of the outline as you should identify the parts of the argument, assumptions, and the specific kind of argument that is presented.
The second part of your outline will provide a guideline for writing a critical evaluation of the argument(s) in the article by applying the standards of evaluation you have learned in Part B of the course. The following Log Entries will be useful when developing your critical evaluation in this second part of the outline: 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, and 37.
(40) 3. Using the proper essay format for a Critical Review essay (Log Entry 38) and the outline you completed in 2, complete a rough draft (approximately 1000-1250 words) of a critical review essay of the article that you have chosen. Although you will be producing a rough draft only at this stage, include proper referencing for any paraphrased material and direct quotations you use to ensure that you understand how to do this for Assignment 4b. This rough draft will form the basis for Assignment 4b, which is the polished final version of the draft you have produced here — do not submit your final essay for Assignment 4a. As a rough draft, it will require further review, revision, and editing before it is ready to submit as a polished final version. Since this is a rough draft, the General Grading Matrix will only be very loosely applied, and some errors are expected.
As a starting point for your work on Assignment 4b, refer to the outline, rough draft, and feedback you received from your tutor for Assignment 4a. Review, revise, and edit your rough draft to produce a final polished essay (approximately 1000-1250 words). Do not be concerned if your rough draft requires substantive revision, such as re-organizing or re-structuring the material in the essay. In addition to a review of the rough draft in terms of organization, accuracy of content, and general editing, you should also ensure that you have provided proper support for your arguments and that you have not committed any errors of logic. The following log entries will be important in this final process: 18, 23, 24, 25, 26, 37, and 38; however, you might also want to review the log entries you used in the development of your outline and rough draft.
In addition to the General Grading Matrix found in the Course Information, your essay will be graded on how well you address and incorporate the feedback from your rough draft into your final essay. As such, the grade on your rough draft may not necessarily correspond to the grade you receive on your final polished essay. Your discussion should show a clear understanding and appropriate application of the concepts covered, and should take a stand regarding the impact and the relative worth of the author’s arguments on the issue discussed.
Note: The essay you choose for Assignment 4a will form the basis for Assignment 4b. Therefore, it is very important that you submit Assignment 4a in week 22 of the Study Schedule, or earlier, so that you can include your tutor's feedback while preparing Assignment 4b. This feedback will help you to improve your final draft for Assignment 4b. Access to the Assignment 4b dropbox will not be available until you receive your grade and feedback for Assignment 4a.


Assignment 4A
A critical review of “shootings” by Adam Gopnik
1 Introduction
1.1. Background information
1.2. The reasoning and main ideas behind the essay
1.3. Thesis statement: Adam Gopnik’s essay “Shootings” does a great job in demonstrating how poor implementation of guns contributed to mass killings, but fails to consider the other contributing factors that would have strengthened his argument.
2 Body
2.1. Summary of Gopnik’s essay
2.2. Gopnik’s main strength
* Evident – Politics have continually hindered change in America
2.3. Gopnik’s weakness
* Evident – He rules out other factors as scapegoat conversations to avoid the main factor with is gun violence
1 Analysis of Gopnik’s arguments and how to improve on them
3 Concluding paragraph

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