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Personal Essay: My Origin (Essay Sample)

Much of WLDC-I has focused on the concept of origins: the origins of the human race; the origins of human culture; the origins of civilization. For this personal essay, you will discuss YOUR origins ( Iran ). You will do this in an informal way and WITHOUT the use of research sources. Be creative. Who are you? Where do you come from? How did you get to be you? How do you identify or define yourself? At what point in your life did you understand that you are a unique, individual person, yet one who is also part of a larger community? How did “it” -- i.e., you -- all begin? Focus on one or two key aspects . Give an example and go into detail. Remember – NO research or secondary sources! I will subtract points if you use research secondary source material. source..

Personal Essay: My Origin
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My Origin
Origin can be defined as a point or a place at which something starts or comes into existence. It can also be defined as the ancestry and social background of a thing or person. When I think deeply to define my origin and background; two points come in my mind; I am a "Muslim" and an "Iranian" by birth. These two aspects of my life have played a significant role in building of my personality and the way I spent my life.
I was born in Iran, which is an Islamic Republic having 98% Muslims. The government of Iran plays an important role in encouraging its people to practice Islam in personal, political and economic life. I consider myself as a good practicing Muslim due to my brought up in an Iranian family and living in a Muslim country. Like all other Muslims, I also believe in one Allah and consider Hazrat Mohammad (Peace be Upon Him) as the last and final messenger sent by Allah to teach mankind.
I try my best to live my life according to the teachings of the Prophet Mohammad and I also try to convince others to accept Islam as it is the religion for the whole mankind. I respect all books that were brought by other messengers, like Torah by Moses and Bible by Jesus, but I practice only the last holy book ‘Quran` that was brought my Mohammad.
As a follower of Islam, I also believe in promoting peace and a lesson of love and equality. Despite the fact that the Muslims of Iran are divided into two categories; I consider all Muslims to be equal believing in one Allah and following the last Prophet. I always try to be a good practicing Muslim by praying five times a day, fasting in the Holy month of Ramadan and giving charity to poor. I consider all humans, whether Muslims or not, to be equal, having equal rights and freedom to practice their own religion. However, I consider i...
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