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PA568 Assignment 6 Social Sciences Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


article “Stories from the Global Cities Exchange": https://www(dot)brookings(dot)edu/research/the-making-of-global-cities-stories-from-the-global-cities-exchange/
article “Clusters & Regional Competitiveness”: https://www(dot)yumpu(dot)com/en/document/view/23525817/clusters-and-regional-competitiveness-recent-learnings


PA 568 Strategic Competitiveness in the Public Sector

Summer B, 2020 



Assignment 6

Stories from the Global Cities Exchange


Clusters & Regional Competitiveness


Sources for Assignment: 

            Assignment 6 is in two (2) parts. Part 1 is based on the article “Stories from the Global Cities Exchange. Part 2 is based on the article “Clusters & Regional Competitiveness”. Students must do both parts of Assignment 6.  



Assignment Instructions:

            Part 1: Global Cities Exchange

                        Subpart A: For this part of Assignment 6 students will need to refer to Class Notes 9 and the Article “Stories from the Global Cities Exchange”. In Class Notes 9 there are 5 separate Tables. Each table represents a separate focus of activities by which a city, county, etc. can use to enhance competitiveness. Each of the Tables have a column labeled “Mechanisms” which is blank.  Each Table identifies cities discussed under its specific focus.


                        Assignment Task:

                           1.  Report: Students will prepare a report that provides the data as to each city  “Mechanisms”. For the purposes of this Assignment “Mechanism” means the organization that serves to be the coordinator and facilitator of the economic development activities. As to each such mechanism students are to provide the following information:


  1. Name of Mechanism
  2. Membership of Mechanism (who is part of the collective action)
  3. Problem mechanism seeks to address
  4. Brief Description Geographic Area covered by the Mechanism
  5. A Summary of the types of activities the Mechanism conducts


2. Special Instructions: (a) Do not write long narratives. They are not desired or needed. All information necessary to do Part 1 is contained in the article; (b) Be concise and precise in your presentations. This assignment lends itself to using a simple table or tables. If using the tables in the Class Notes 9, they can be used by simple “cut and pasting”.


                        3. Estimated Length: 1 or 2 pages



            Part 2:  Clusters and Regional Competitiveness

                        Subpart A:

                       Prepare a detailed and concise Deconstruction Analysis Paper using the data and information contained in the Clusters & Regional Competitiveness article. Address in clear, concise, precise writing that is well organized, the following Framing Questions:  


  1. What are the key characteristics of “Clusters”?


  1. How Are Clusters important to Regional Competitiveness?


  1. What do Clusters add to our understanding of how public sector can aid in the enhancement of a region’s strategic competitiveness?  


  1. Estimated Length: 2 pages


Subpart B: Applied Exercise:


 Assume you are the mayor of a small city (20,000 population) in the Midwestern United States which is within a 30-minute drive of 4 other cities of similar size, demographics and economic conditions. The employment base of these cities has some similar characteristics that include: natural resource extraction, light manufacturing, 4 season tourism, general community health care and typical service industry stores, gas stations, accountants & lawyers, etc. No one industry or firm dominates the employment landscape of any of the cities. There is no 4 -year college or university in or near any of the cities, but there is a small community college less than a 15-minute drive from your city.


 The cities have a history of jealousy and see the economic pie as a zero-sum game. So, if one city is benefited, the rest assume the increased benefit comes at the expense of the other cities and their citizens.


As the Mayor you just returned from a symposium & workshop on economic development sponsored by the State Economic Development Office and the State’s Leading Business School. You want your city to take the lead role in working on establishing a comprehensive plan to increase the  strategic competitiveness of the 4 city region.   



Develop a focused, concise and complete plan for an area wide economic development plan. No long narratives are necessary or required for the assignment. Be creative. For example, a check list, table, flow diagram or other graphic to present your vision and plan that attempts to leverage private, public and NGO assets and organizations in all the cities.


     Suggestions: (1) Think before developing any response to the assignment. (2) Consider a short SWOT Analysis of the mayor’s concept. Consider what is the best unit or level of analysis. 


     Estimated Length:  1 to 2 pages.



Standard Protocol Instructions:

  1. Use Word Document Only; Do Not Lock the Document.
  2. Size 12 type;
  3. Single spacing; double spacing between paragraphs; Paginate the paper.
  4. Do Not justify the right-hand margin.
  5. Follow the instruction.


(See next Page for Assessment Criteria)


















Assessment Criteria:

            There are 100 possible points for each part of the Assignment, a total of 200 points.  



Available Points

Part 1

Points Scored

Part 1

Available Points

Part 2

Points Scored

Part 2

Total Points Scored

Organization & Creativity






Subject Matter Knowledge & Depth of Analysis






Quality of Writing* & Following Instructions


















*Quality of Writing means focused, concise, precise and completes the requirements of the assignment.



Strategic Competitiveness in the Public Sector
Institutional Affiliation
Strategic Competitiveness in the Public Sector
Global Cities Exchange
San Diego
San Diego is popular as an innovative city and economy, meaning that the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce (EDC) serves as the most appropriate mechanism to drive this change (Barker et al., 2016). San Diego is facing a new ‘uplift’ taking into account that most people do consider it as a tourist destination. So far, the EDC has been most involved institution creating ‘aftercare’ program meant to attract foreign-owned firms in the city as they seek innovative and technological solutions to various global problems. To this end, business corporations such as Biocom and CONNECT as well as institutions, including Salk Institute and University of California-San Diego would come in handy.

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