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Organizational Disability (Essay Sample)


Please follow the instruction below carefully:
-Describe your personal experiences with learning disabilities that you observed in an organization you are a part of or were part of. This may be any kind of organization you feel illustrates your point: a company, sports team, church, social club, or professional society.
1/. Write a short paragraph explaining your experience for each of the learning disabilities listed below. Be sure to identify the learning disability you are describing and discuss no more than one disability per paragraph.
a. I am my position
b. The illusion of taking charge
c. Fixation on events
d. The enemy is out there
e. The parable of the boiled frog
2/. Identify each learning disability example as a specific type such as “ I am my position” or “fixation on events”


Organizational Disability
Having been an intern in one of the major marketing companies, there were quite a number of experiences with learning disabilities in the team.
I am my position
As an intern there were a number of aspects that we were supposed to abide with relative to the chances of working with the firm in the future. For most of the intern however, the fact that they were looking to make it to a better career with larger companies, they did not take the cue. As such, most of them did not take this as a chance to sharpen their skill as for them it was a just another scholarly requirement. Internships are some of the most influential experiences that students can have as they look to make it in their career.
The illusion of taking charge
For a number of the interns, having the chance to take some mild responsibility gave them the illusion that they were in control. In several cases, interns were served with warning letters against overstepping their mandate which could jeopardize the company operations and relations with its clients.
Fixation on events
During the last two months of the internship, one of the marketing managers lost the company $200,000 in a deal that had gone terribly wrong. However, he did not take it lightly and ended up blaming the intern under his supervision. While this was the least amount the company had lost in years, he was still fixed on the mistakes which affected his ability to relate with other staffs as he constantly become overbearing relative to being cautious.
The enemy is out there
In most of the department meetings that were held at the firm, the basic notion was that, for the company to improve it had to beat it competitors. La...
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