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UC370 Global Health. Developmental Status of Niger, India and the United States (Essay Sample)


UC370 Global Health
Summer 2020
Your final project will be a culmination of much of the work you have done in the course. We will becomparing countries of differing developmental status to explore not only exactly what that means in theorybut focusing on the reality of it. In the first few weeks we have selected undeveloped, developing, anddeveloped countries. As a foundation we have explored some of the comparisons already and we are going tobuild upon that.
This assignment will be analyzing your selected three countries, the differences, and similarities within them,and both presenting (in video form) and producing a document. Explore the problems with each country, theroot causes, and how or why those causes exist. Relate the status of the country with the difficulties withinand how the rest of the world relates to them. Consider what aid they have, where it comes from, and why itis reliant on that source. Lastly, discuss the trajectory of the country’s potential progression through the stagesand if that is possible, what it would look like as well as what changes it would likely bring about.This assignment should be written as a scholarly work.
This project can be done in two ways. The difference relies on your confidence in your ability to meet thecriteria of the rubric and mastery of APA formatting as it will be heavily scrutinized.
Option A
Week 7: References & resources (100 points)
Week 9: Outline (100 points)
Week 12: Draft (100 points)
Week 14: Final, presentation, and forum (200 points)
Option B
Week 14: Final, presentation, and forum (500 points
American Psychological Association (APA) style is an academic format used largely but not exclusively in thesocial and behavioral sciences for improved clarity of communication. The Online Writing Lab (OWL) ofPurdue University ( is a good source of information on APA style. And GROUP RESEARCH PROJECT GUIDELINES & RUBRIC PAGE 2 OF 9
NoodleTools Express ( is a useful bibliographic citation generator*that includes APA style for preparing literature cited lists and parenthetical citations.
*Note that bibliography generators are not always completely accurate or current and should always be checked for accuracy.APA Research Paper Template (attached)This template contains the basic elements and formatting of an APA research paper and may be used toprepare your own research paper. Instructions are included in the template.APA Research Paper Rubric (included)This rubric (see the following page) is a guide for how to successfully complete an APA research paper at thehighest level of completion and success.Word Count1500+ not including abstract and reference pages.PresentationIn the past students have used Zoom, iPhones, and YouTube to record and post their presentations, butanything that allows you to post it and us to watch it is fine. 5+ mins.ForumAs in past weeks you will begin a discussion to take questions and interact with the class. For this assignmentyou will be required to both answer two questions and ask two of others on their projects. 


Developmental Status of Niger, India and the United States
Developmental Status of Niger, India and the United States
Niger, India, and the United States are countries with different developmental statuses. While Niger is undeveloped, India is developing, and the United States is developed. The states’ developmental implications in these countries affect their populations significantly since the people have to deal and live with the current presented terms. However, the three countries strive to attain higher levels of development and substantiality though they inhibit varying degrees of growth, accompanied by different challenges.
Different countries have varying levels of economic development ranging from undeveloped, developing, and developed states. However, they all contribute to global development despite their different levels of growth. Besides, the people living in underdeveloped countries must be engaged in various activities for sustenance.

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