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Neoroscience (Essay Sample)


1600 to 1700 words, 12 point font, double space, APA, reference page APA format 1600 words 4 reference how neuroscience affect the respiratory system


Respiratory System
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Neuroscience has great effects to the respiratory system. Generally, neuroscience deals with the study of nervous system. Neuroscience, being a multidisciplinary science entails the study of cellular molecular biology, physiology, anatomy as well as pharmacology of the nervous system. Nervous system entails the part of the body that controls both voluntary and involuntary activities of an animal, as well as coordinating response from one part of the body to the other. Respiratory system is one of the areas of animals that require this kind of coordination. This paper analyses the effects of the nervous system to respiratory system in view of the crucial role played by the nervous system in order for the respiratory system to be perfect.
The Nervous system
As earlier mentioned, neuroscience entails the study of nervous system which denotes control and coordination of body response. Sridhar & Garg (2015) note that; neuroscience is crucial in understanding the different body systems and how the function. The different body systems entail the respiratory system. Nervous system is a common feature in animal species. Basically, it entails two major components; the Central Nervous System and the Peripheral Nervous System. The Central Nervous System consists of the brain and the spinal cord. Peripheral nervous system consists of nerve fibers, also known as axons. These coordinate the central nervous system to the rest of the body. For instance, the axons or the nerve fibers in the hands coordinate all the activities, both voluntary and involuntary, to the brain. The axons in the legs do the same too. All the systems of the body have coordination of their performance through the axons or fibers, which coordinate with the central nervous system.
The activities of the peripheral nervous system are enabled by special structure of the neurons, which enable them to receive and relay information from the different body parts to the central nervous system. The information is received and sent to the other cells in a rapid and precise manner. This means that the action done with immediate effect and again, there is no room for distortion of the information. In this sense then, the body is able to respond in an active manner in case of danger or need to provide quick response. Again, due to the preciseness of the information, the body always gives the right response and not any other response, under normal conditions.
Respiratory system
Respiratory system denotes the organs and structures involved in the process of respiration or breathing in human beings. The process of respiration is more complex than it appears without closer look. Respiration system is one of the involuntary activities of organisms that are controlled by the nervous system. That is why it is argued that; neuroscience is very crucial in studying respiratory system. This is because; neuroscience affects respiratory system, just as it affects the other systems of the body. The effects of neuroscience to the respiratory system emanate from the controlling effects of the nervous system to the voluntary and involuntary activities of organisms. Respiratory system entails involuntary activities because; the organism does not put efforts in doing the breathing. Sridhar & Garg (2015) acknowledge that; the nervous system coordinates activities such that an organism finds itself breathing throughout its life without putting effort. It therefore becomes important to study the nervous system in order to understand the breathing system.
Respiratory system entails exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide gas. Without the involuntary activities coordinated by the nervous system in the respiratory process, it would be difficult to make a selection of the gases in the first p...
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