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Negative Impact Of Social Media On Teens (Essay Sample)


Thesis Essay – (Due on D2L and in tutorial, March 29)
1200-1500 words not including long quotes, the cover page or the References page (3-5 pages). Double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, one inch margins, page numbers, and word count. Must include a References Page using MLA or APA style. Name, student number, course code, section number, and original assignment title should be included on a cover page, which must be stapled to your assignment. No unstapled assignments will be accepted.
You are expected to consider a theme, issue, debate, controversy, or problem associated with the study of popular culture and society, take a position on your topic, and argue your point of view using evidence from course readings and researched sources. This is a thesis essay with a small research component that will require a bibliography of at least three academic sources (but preferably more). You can draw on required and recommended course readings as sources but at least one of your sources (preferably more) must be researched outside the course readings. Your essay will also need to discuss at least one popular culture item in some way. How you discuss your chosen pop culture item will depend on your choice of topic, but regardless of topic your analysis will need to consider popular culture in relation to society. In your essay you will need to make a critically astute and provocative claim and argue your case. The choice of topic is your own but it must fall within the parameters of the course. The essay is worth 25% of your final grade. You will be graded based on the following criteria:
1. Clarity, quality, and depth of thesis statement and argument (12/25) 2. Quality and depth of organization and research (10/25)
4. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure (1.5/25)
5. Following assignment and formatting instructions (1.5/25)
Also these are the arguments (1,2 and 3) I talked about in my bibliography.
It has used people’s self-schema and self-discrepancy to impact one’s ego and self-image, Increases the amount of phone use for the average teen per day while decreasing academic grades, and strongly affects the health and well-being of a person


Negative Impact of Social Media on Teens
Negative Impact of Social Media on Teens
It is impressive how the world has changed because of technology. Technology advancement has turned the world into a global village, where information from a region far away can reach individuals all over the world in a short time o at the same time. Unlike decades ago, this same information would have taken time to reach the outside world or never get to reach them at all. The same way information is easily being shared so are we also gained other aspects from other regions for examples, business ideas, fashion, a way of life culinary experiences, cultures, religion and opinions. One of the simplest and convenient ways of gaining and sharing information today is through technology with the help of social media. Social media platforms, for example, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat have become an integral part of individual life in today's society. However, there is a segment that is most affected by this phenomenon. It has been concluded that if the teenage group are not monitored on their social media use there are severe effects on their overall well being. Observed that today's teen will be affected by the use of social media in that it will increase phone usage reducing concentration and hence low grades at school, there a strong link between social media use in teens and the health and well being of the teens and it has also been observed to impact one's ego and self-image. This paper is going to look at the negative effects of social media on teens.
The rapid growth in technology can be said to be a blessing to society, computers and smartphones have made lives easy and hence becoming an integral part of our daily lives. Many because of its endless capabilities have appreciated the internet, which is a major component of technology. Today the internet can be said to be the item that makes the world go round. Social media, which has become a major component of the internet, has many benefits but if not monitored and carefully used it has been observed to cause severe effects among the teens.
Today teenagers are vulnerable to many development aspects in the ever-changing life and environment. Thus knowing and learning the effects brought about by social media, usage is important. Social media could be a great tool for communication and entertainment however; the evils it brings out cannot be ignored. When these negative impacts that are mostly ignored if they not recognized and handled on time may result in bigger threats such as health and wellbeing of the child. Teenagers can positively use social media to find community and embrace the same; however, their mental health is more often than not negatively affected by this culture of comparison. As teens are hardwired for socialization, social media makes it easy and immediate. Ho

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