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Discussions/Response: National Health Insurance Program (Essay Sample)


Page 1: I almost hate to ask this question or open the topic for discussion but what are your opinions on a national health insurance program? Do you believe the Affordable Healthcare Act should have been implemented without popular vote? Should we implement the new system be used or revamp Medicaid and Medicare programs? Any suggestions are welcome.
Page 2: Read peers response to same topic as page 1. Then tell what you agree and liked about her response.
Page 3: Discuss wars and terrorism including physical and mental issues associated with war and terrorism. Do you fear another terrorist attack on the United States?


There was no problem passing the Affordable Healthcare Act through a popular vote. The act was to make healthcare more affordable especially for the average Americans who are the majority. Often, the majority of the people drain their bank accounts when they access medical care which necessitated the passing of the Affordable Healthcare Act. Voting is the best way of representing the majority of the people in America. Therefore, it was okay for the voice of the people to be heard through their vote. The popular vote allowed the citizens to take part in healthcare since it affected them directly. The popular vote also served to publicize it and create awareness of the act.
A national health insurance program would provide universal health care coverage to all the citizens. It will allow more people to have access to health care services more conveniently than they would have done without the plan. A national health insurance program is crucial. The country spends more on per capita expenditure compared to any other country in the world. Despite the massive spending, more than 40 million Americans are uninsured while others have limited coverage. The system can reduce the cost of care and eliminate wastage while providing all the people with healthcare. The new system should be implemented as opposed to revamping Medicaid and Medicare programs. The system is more inclusive and allows the majority of the people to enjoy health coverage. For example, the challenge with Medicaid is that it eliminates low-income individuals in need of the services yet they do not fall below the income level that would allow them to access Medicaid. A national health insurance program solves this problem by allowing all the people to take part in the medical cov...
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