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Coaching. Social Sciences Essay Paper Research Paper (Essay Sample)


This is my post for 5-1,5-2,6-1.6-2 the 4 questions are added and some articles as well I will send more articles in the morning you have some to start with. 5-1 is 3 skills that can be used in a coaching environment 5-2 is discuss a few strengths and challenge of skills that was discussed in 5-1. 6-1 is discuss one strength and one challenge that you faced while applying the skills identified with your individual or couple. and 6-2 is were the challenges identified last week still a challenge or do you have new insights for skills that need further development explain. these instructions are also added in text citations and a reference page


 MY POST 5-1,5-2,6-1,6-2
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 MY POST 5-1,5-2,6-1,6-2
Some of the skills that are usually used in a coaching environment include but are not limited to listening skills, questioning, and the skill to build rapport. Listening refers to the ability of a coachee to pay close attention and to effectively deduce what the coach is saying. This skill entails the ability of a coach to not only listen to what is being said but also to that which is not being uttered (Braunstein & Grant, 2016). Coaching entails four different levels of listening; thus, attentive listening, accurate, emphatic, and general listening. Effective employment of each of these levels facilitates the efficient acquisition of knowledge and skills.

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