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My Community, My Country, and Myself (Essay Sample)

Write an essay of around 1500 words that considers cultural diversity for you as an individual, for the communities you are a part of, and for the country as a whole. You are not required to address any specific prompts or answer any particular questions, but you may use the following suggestions to guide your writing. - How has your life been affected by the minority and majority groups that you are a part of? Consider race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and age. (You are not required to reveal your membership in any group if you do not wish to do so. Remember that I am the only person who will read your essay, and please share only as much as you feel comfortable with.) - Do you live in a diverse community? - Do the different groups in your community work well together? - How do the local media represent the different groups in your community? Do they attempt to provide a balanced and nonstereotypical view of all groups? - Are the leaders in your community representative of all groups within the community? - Do you think minority group interests are represented within your community? - Are you in the majority group or the minority group? How might that affect your answers to the above questions? - Might someone in a different group experience your community differently? - Trends in immigration will continue to shape the demographics of the United States. What will the U.S. population look like in the year 2050? Why do you think so? - What challenges does the United States face due to the diversity of its people? - What are the drawbacks of such a diverse society? What are the benefits? - How can we foster a climate of acceptance and cultural pluralism in the United States? This essay must be formatted using APA style and must include the following: - A cover page - A strong introductory paragraph that introduces the topic for the reader - A strong concluding paragraph that summarizes the essay's major points - If you use sources, they must be correctly cited. PLEASE CALL TO DISCUSS ESSAY. source..
[Name] [Course] [Institution] [Professor] [Date] Multiculturalism The phenomenon of many cultures living together within a society is referred to as multiculturalism. Many communities of different histories and backgrounds arrive in a society and are accepted under different or similar circumstances. Acceptance and promotion of the phenomenon of multiculturalism enables the different cultures to exist side by side together in a society. Multicultural societies receive and accept people from different ethnic, racial, religious backgrounds. The differences between the constituent cultures of such a society may be a source of discomfort and conflict too. Multiculturalism exists all over the world and people from distinct cultures and heritages share societies in almost all continents. In the Americas, multiculturalism in the form of distinct races, religions and creeds living together exists in Canada, The United States, Cuba and The Caribbean`s and Brazil among others. In this paper, I go through my local community in which I live, how our diversity shapes our day to day lives and relations with the other people in the community. Coming from a minority group in my community, I face scenarios and circumstances that remind me of my heritage each day. At home, school, church and within the general public, It is quite evident that the perception other people from other communities in my society have of me, are heavily influenced by my cultural background. My local neighborhood comprises people from different racial backgrounds including Hispanics, African-Americans, Whites and Asians. The people from my community also are members of different religions. There are Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists. Despite the fact that most people here speak and understand English, many people are also comfortable with other languages. Most Hispanics understand and speak Spanish, Many Asians also speak Hindi and Chinese. Different dialects and slang also exist in the spoken English language. We can therefore comfortably say that my society is multicultural. Day to day activities require security, community spirit and cooperation to make the neighborhood better. Because of this, the different cultures that live in my community work together to ensure that security of our neighborhood is at its optimal. Our neighborhood watch comprises of people from across all racial and cultural sections of the community. This did not happen necessarily to push for equal representation in the watch. It happened naturally, on the basis of willingness to serve the community. Weekly clean up routines are also carried out with the aid of people from all racial groups. This is also voluntary and many people from all communities willingly submit their support. At times, there may be clashes and conflicts arising between people of different ethnic or religious backgrounds but this does not stop them from cooperating to make the community b...
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