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Modern-Day Family Structure (Essay Sample)


Paper Instructions as follows;
You will select one Modern Day family structure, I select Single (Parent Mothers) and reflect upon your personal feelings about this Modern Day family. Think about your own background and family values to examine how those may have influenced your attitudes, whether positive or negative.
MY family background; I grew up in the Caribbean, poor and was raised by my mom and grandmother both who were stay a home moms. My dad lived in America working to support his family in the Caribbean. This was hard and because of this I was raised with very strong family values, as to work hard or what you need in life,nothing is handed to you, respect yourself and do what you no is the right thing.
You will also address how your personal views may influence your work as a helper in the human services field. What challenges might you face when working with this family? The body of your paper must be between 3 pages, and you will also need to include 1 title page, citation in the most recent edition of APA, as well as 1 reference page, written in the most recent edition of APA. You must use at least two outside scholarly sources.


Modern-Day Family Structure
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Modern-Day Family Structure
Single-parent households have increased significantly over the recent decades, with studies showing that there has been a substantial rise in the percentage of children being brought up by single mothers. Currently, people put emphasis on the negative impacts of single parenting on children, ranging from abandonment issues to economic hardships (Amato, Patterson & Beattie, 2015). Working with a single-mother family would provide me with an opportunity of reflecting on the kind of livelihood I went through while growing up. Having been brought up by my mother and grandmother, I gained firsthand experience of the hardships, which single-parent families go through. Due to poverty, my father migrated to America to seek employment in order to support us in the Caribbean. However, the adversities I experienced while growing up influenced me to develop strong family values, and learn the importance of hard work and resilience.
From a personal perspective, single-mother households have been associated with a lot of stigma. Most of these negative perceptions have often been incomplete and misinformed, and they have often been propagated to malign the names of these families (Schmuck, 2013). Therefore, working with single-parent households requires the ability to understand the intrinsic issues that they are going through. Personally, when growing up in the Caribbean, my mother was responsible for instilling strong values in our family. She emphasized on the significance of integrity and hard work, and she told us that one could not succeed without putting an effort. Growing up in a low-income family taught me the importance of resilience since I could see how my mother and grandmother struggled to ensure that we got something to eat.
Working as a helper in the human services field has enabled me to exploit my strengths, particularly when it comes to the way I view single-parent households. Single mothers go through a lot of hardships before they can be able to care for their families. To bring up a united family, single mothers have to go an extra mile before they could develop strong bonds in their families (Amato, Patterson & Beattie

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