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Mock Coaching Session Questions. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


This is a 2 part paper first about 300 words conduct a mock coaching session create 10 questions reflect your communication skills and techniques to build rapport and trust in the session, review the informed consent after that there are 3 questions to answer it is in the instructions. Then answer questions questions 4-1 and 4-2 the questions are different and are added . there are about 7 articles take what you need from need in text citations on every thing reference page. i will try and add the articles if not in the morning


Mock Coaching Session
Section 1
Creating rapport in counselling is essential, it is a way of forming connection with a client as well as building trust between the client and the counsellor. If clients lack confidence in the counsellor, they are less likely to open up about the problems they are facing and therefore, will not benefit. A counsellor needs to create a conducive environment in addition to having the right verbal and non-verbal skills to accommodate them CITATION DrB12 \l 1033 (LoFrisco, 2012). Further, they need to assure their clients that they are not there to be judged but to be helped overcome their challenges and weaknesses. Once he ensures that the environment is welcoming, conducive and has little or no distractions, he can go ahead and start the session.

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