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Missing and Indigenous women Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


8 pages, 2000 words, APA format.
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Due: March 3
Weight: 20%
Length: 8 pages (approximately 2000 words)In this paper, you will explore the relationship between gender, race, and Canadian law through a specific case study and key concept from the course material. You must choose one of following four topics:_TOPIC CASE STUDY BROADER TOPIC KEY CONCEPT1 Residential Schools Colonialism (Parts 1 and 2) "civilization/,/"savagery"  dichotomy2 Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Colonialism (Parts 1 and 2) colonialism3 Chinese "Head Tax" Race, Gender, and Immigration "White Canada" policy4 Social/Legal Constructions of Muslim Femininities and Muslim Masculinities Multiculturalism and Muslim Femininities and Masculinities cultural racism
Regardless of which topic you choose, your paper must contain the following components:
A clearly stated definition of the key concept associated with yourtopicthat draws upon course material (that is, not random websites, but the course readings and possibly lecture material and films).
- A critical analysis of your case study that references your key concept. Your critical analysis should emphasize the relationship between gender, race, and Canadian law.
After deciding upon your specific case study using the course readings, you will need to find at least three scholarly articles or book chapters in the Scott library. Make sure at least two of these articles/chapters are recent (that is, no more than ten years old). Overall, you should be referring to a minimum of six scholarly texts: at least three scholarly course readings (from January 17 to February 7 inclusive) and at least three scholarly articles/chapters found in your library research. Please note that fact sheets and newspaper articles do not count as scholarly texts; despite being course texts, they will not count as one of your three scholarly course readings.
Your paper should be 8 pages in length (roughly 2000 words), typed in Times New Roman 12-point font, doublespaced and with 1" margins. The essay should be developed around an explicit thesis. It must include proper referencing. Citations should be provided according to APA guidelines and your paper must include a references page. The essay should also have a cover page that indicates: an original, relevant and specific title (not "Assignment #3" or "Cultural Racism"), your name and student number, the course code, the course director's name, your TA's name, thejdjate the assignment is being submitted, and the number of words in your paper. Your references page and cover page do not factor into your page count or word count.


Missing and Indigenous Women during the Colonial Period
Your student number
Course Code
Course Directors
TA’s Name
The date
Missing and Indigenous Women
The colonial policies and structures in Canada have resulted in violence towards Indigenous women. Colonialism is defined as a situation where the government is the culprit behind genocide via structural violence (Woolford & Benvenuto, 2018). It is a unique type of violence that is not easily understood based on the global definition of genocide as a crime (The National Inquiry, 2019). The approach used when making the legal requirements to determine individual accountability, rather than state accountability, is a reason why the legal and traditional perspective of genocide cannot be linked with colonial genocide (The National Inquiry, 2019). Aboriginal women have been symbolically annihilated from the Canadian social landscape, and their depictions are scanter and less enhanced in tone when compared to White women (Gilchrist, 2010). Aboriginal or Indigenous women and girls have borne the brunt of colonialism and discriminatory Canadian laws and policies, leading to more suffering as they are murdered and are victims of abuse without any legal protection.

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