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Mini Assignment: Health-Risk Behaviors (Essay Sample)


Choose 1 data sets from Sexual Health: Finding Health Data and Statistics or any other data set that you are aware of that captures data on sexual health and behaviors (For example, A Colorado option might be Healthy Kids Colorado). It may be helpful to consider the population it's targeting ( adolescents, adults, etc), the questions that are asked (and for WHO, and HOW, etc...). (PLEASE PROVIDE LINK TO THE SURVEY YOU ARE DISCUSSING
Consider the articles on what we need to consider when thinking about sexual health and behavior. Consider other articles and discussions from the semester, and your own take on them and the discussions you have been having.
Critique the surveillance systems - are they capturing what articles and discussion we have had are suggesting? Are the articles and the surveys missing something entirely? Are we asking questions that are actually going to get us toward answers and data that we can use to begin creating interventions, programming, education... data that is RELEVANT to the populations we are working with and that can really get us thinking about WHAT SEXUAL HEALTH IS? What SHOULD we be asking?
FYI: It may be helpful to pick a population and then a sexual health topic or population of interest (instead of sexual health broadly), but feel free to also think how we might capture it in a broad way.


Mini Assignment

In the article “Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance — United States, 2017” the morbidity and mortality of both the youth and young adults in the US as a result of health risk behaviors are analyzed among different demographic groups. The article focuses on Health-risk behaviors among the youth including the behaviors resulting to unintentional injuries and violence, tobacco use, alcohol and other drug use, sexual behaviors linked to unintended pregnancy and (STIs), unhealthy dietary behaviors; and physical inactivity (Kann et al., 2018). The survey was administered to better understand the various health risk behaviors and monitor progress to meet the health objectives including decreasing sexual risky behaviors among the youth.
Health-related behaviors including engaging in risky sexual behaviors with at least 4 persons was 9.7% nationwide in the YRBSS, but the prevalence of these behaviors also varied by age, sex and sexual identity. Sexual minority students were more likely to engage in health-risk behaviors (Kann et al., 2018). Improving access to health care for the sexual minority yo

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