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MGT420 S-2 Social Sciences Essay Research Paper Coursework (Essay Sample)


For this assignment you will be continuing to write about your own workplace experiences as they relate to power and politics. Think of one of the largest political battles you witnessed or were apart of during your career, and think carefully about how the concepts from the background materials apply to what you experienced.
In preparation for the SLP, make sure you have a thorough grasp of the terminology from the background materials including the main individual and organizational factors that lead to political behavior and the types of political behavior. Once you are comfortable with the terminology and concepts from the background materials, write a 2- to 3-page paper addressing the following issues:
1. Briefly describe a political battle that took place in your workplace. Explain who the main players were and what issues were at stake.
2. What individual and organizational factors led to this political battle? Refer to the background readings in your answer, and in particular pages 877-883 of Robbins (1997).
3. What types of political behaviors did the participants in this political battle exhibit? Be specific and use the types of political behaviors discussed in pages 297-301 of Luthans et al. (2015).
4. Do you think any of the participants behaved unethically during this political battle? Use the ethical framework discussed on pages 896-898 of Robbins (1997) to guide your answer.


Workplace Political Battles: Personal Experience
Workplace Political Battles: Personal Experience
Political battles are a common phenomenon in organizations since organizations provide individuals with power bases. Also, there are scarce resources within organizations and competition for these resources contributes to political battles. One of the largest political battles I have ever experienced was between a new C.E.O and senior management. The new C.E.O. challenged the status quo after he discovered that nepotism was common within the organization. The senior management sometimes gave jobs to people they knew on a personal level without considering their qualifications for the job. Also, promotions were given based on the senior management’s preferences and as a result, more suitable candidates were sometimes left out. The senior management felt threatened by the C.E.O. because they thought he would take away their power if nepotism as practice came to an end. The C.E.O., however, wanted to improve the organization’s performance and he felt that employing qualified individuals was the first step towards achieving this goal.

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