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What Is The Meaning Of Human Existence? (Essay Sample)


Select two from among the following on which to write.
Each essay should be typed, double spaced, be roughly 2.5 to 3 pages in length (for a total of 5-6 pages), and clearly refer to related texts where appropriate. Both essays are worth 25 points, so 50 points total.

1. Are humans free? If yes, why is this important? If no, what are the consequences? (Note: many of the readings address this question either implicitly or explicitly and you should use a bunch of them in your response.)

2. What is the meaning or purpose in human existence? In my or your existence? How and/or where is it found? (Note: many of the readings address this question either implicitly or explicitly and you should use them in your response.)


What is the Meaning of Human Existence?
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What is the Meaning of Human Existence?
To understand the meaning or purpose of human existence, the most important issue that should be understood is the meaning of life or the meaning of living. It can be argued that the purpose of human existence is to engage with other people for the betterment of life. Basically, there is no individual who can be happy or satisfied when they are wronged by another individual. Therefore, the actions of an individual should not hurt the wellbeing of another person since no one would be at peace if he feels that his/her rights and privileges are being undermined. It is from this perspective that it can be argued that the purpose of human existence is to make the world a better place where everyone can prosper. Human existence depends on the actions of people and activities that are implemented to improve the living standards.
It can also be argued that people have a different calling or purpose in life. This is the reason why people tend to have different kinds of talents which they utilize in their lives. For instance, there are some people who were born with the ability to run very fast and they end up being athletes. In addition, there are those individuals who were given the talent of swimming and they end up participating in the sport of swimming. Furthermore, people like Peter Einstein were given very high IQs and they end up being scholars and discovering new things that were not known before. Therefore, it can be argued that the purpose of these individuals in life is to utilize their own skills and talents to make the world a better place. Studies have shown that people who manage to exploit their talents tend to make major changes that not only improve their own lives but also the lives of other people
The meaning of life is to basically make changes that will enable other peo

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