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Marriage Family Kinship (Essay Sample)

<p>Week 8 Your Thoughts: (Response should be 275 words in length. You can split up part a and part b as you need to. Each answer though should have at least 100 words.) The book we use is Culture Counts 2nd edition by Nanda (You can look inside if you look it up on amazon.) Part A Topic: How do we choose mates? How do we choose mates in the West, normally? Do you think we have particularly good criteria? Arranged marriages do have a lower divorce rate, why do you think that is? Part B &ndash; Just write your thoughts after viewing this video. http://www(dot)pbs(dot)org/mormons/view/</p> source..

Selecting Spouses
Most of the people in the west do not have cultural and religious limitations that define the way they should relate with the other people, especially with reference to relationships that may lead to marriage. As such, it is a wide believe that when one is looking for that person that they would want to spend their life with, they opt for persons that they have fallen in love with. It is not common in the west to find couples that have been brought together due to arranged marriage arrangements. This means that they have time to know the person in depth before they can commit to a marital union. Majority of the relationships that lead to marriage in the western countries are based on love. This has been cited as one of the weaknesses that have led to the high rate of divorce, as when love dies away these couples separate. The level of commitments is also low, given the liberty to divorce and love again.
With reference to the video the arranged marriages the divorce rates are very low and only happen in extreme cases. Financial security is one of the key strengths that are seen in the arranged marriages. The couples’ families are always in support of the union and therefore the couple does not have a lot resistance to fight off. There also the element of surprises that are associated with the fact that they are still learning about one another, thereby making it more fun much like it feels when dating someone. As such, over the years they develop eve...
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